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6sense has revolutionized the way organizations develop, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue. Their Revenue AI captures anonymous buying signals to predict which accounts should be targeted first – eliminating guesswork and friction along the way.

According to a survey of 338 marketing leaders, there was no statistically reliable difference in average salary, bonus, and equity compensation between male and female chief marketing officers (CMOs).

Early Life and Education

6sense is an account engagement platform designed to assist revenue teams in uncovering anonymous buying behavior, prioritizing accounts for sales and marketing efforts, engaging resistant buyers, and uncovering any patterns or insights to turn pipeline into revenue. Leveraging AI and big data capabilities, 6sense provides revenue teams with all of the insight necessary for creating pipeline and turning it into real revenue.

Employees at 6sense appreciate working at 6sense, with many citing its great culture as one of their favourite aspects of working there. Unfortunately, not all employees are entirely content with compensation and perks available at this company.

6sense offers competitive benefits packages to its employees, including health and retirement plans as well as free snacks and drinks at work. You can learn more about this company by visiting their website; in addition, employees have shared reviews of them on Zippia.

Professional Career

6sense is an industry-leading account-based marketing (ABM) solution, reinventing how organizations create, manage and convert revenue. Utilizing artificial intelligence technology, 6sense captures anonymous buying signals to accurately predict which accounts are ideal targets and recommend the appropriate messaging to maximize pipeline growth and revenue performance.

Working at 6sense offers unparalleled career advancement and opportunity for personal and professional growth. The company values its customers and employees’ passion for its market-leading product and empowers individuals to contribute their individual skills towards making this vision come alive.

6sense offers jobs with salaries that surpass California’s median salaries; their top paying roles include senior staff engineer, enterprise account executive and product manager.

Achievement and Honors

As part of the Strategic Advisory Services team, you will craft top-of-the-line 6sense-powered B2B go to market strategies for customers. Your analytical, interpersonal, creative thinking and business management abilities will be put through their paces as you partner with client executives and revenue teams to initiate change.

Experience an exceptional working environment filled with highly motivated, intelligent team members who share our market leading vision – you will be encouraged to use your unique talents to help bring this to fruition. It is truly remarkable working here with incredible leadership, humble coworkers, and an innovative product which is revolutionizing revtech – I am immensely proud to be part of such an organization! You should too.

Personal Life

6sense is a leading account-based marketing orchestration platform that empowers revenue teams to “compete and win in the age of Account Based Buying”. Their software puts artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning at work for every member of a B2B revenue team by uncovering anonymous buying behavior, prioritizing fragmented data sets to focus on accounts in market, engaging resistant buyers through tailored omnichannel campaigns – and much more!

employees at 6sense report high levels of job satisfaction, receiving top-tier compensation and benefits. 6sense has earned recognition for its diverse, international workforce that spans across multiple countries and speaks 14 different languages.

This page presents estimated salary figures that have been calculated using information provided by current and former employees of 6sense as well as public sources. These numbers may differ significantly based on your own individual experience, qualifications, and education levels.

Net Worth

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6sense’s salary data is compiled based on information reported directly by employees and published job boards; company filings; and estimates from these sources derived from those filings, among other sources. As such, it should not be seen as a replacement for professional compensation advice.

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