90 Day Fiance Mursel Hate

Why Do 90 Day Fiance Fans Hate Mursel?

At the end of 90 Day Fiance, Anna and Mursel raced to the altar. The two previously broke up because he kept Anna’s sons from his parents. His parents finally allowed him to come clean about his affairs and sent him back home to Turkey. Anna and Mursel have only six hours to finish their romantic reunion before his visa expires. This is only making matters worse.

The show produced dozens of popular couples, but the relationships of the participants do not always fare well with viewers. Past couples include Geoffrey Paschel, Lisa “Babygirl”, Hamme, Mark Shoemaker, Andrei and Big Ed. This season, though, viewers have been shocked by the infamous “90-day-fiance” couple who have split up. They have even posted pictures of their bare abs, and it’s hard to keep up with them.

The most controversial episode on 90 Day Fiance was the famous murder of a former client. Mursel, an actor is being accused of sexual assault and other charges. While the episode was praised by fans for making the show more realistic, there were also some complaints about its plotlines and the appearance of Mursel. Fans also complained about the storyline’s absurdity and Mursel’s personality and appearance. Regardless of these reasons, 90 Day Fiance fans love to hate Mursel for her insecurities.

Anna and Mursel met online and quickly became lovers. The couple didn’t share the same cultural backgrounds so they are now divided over surrogacy. Their marriage was saved when Mursel wore a red bow around Anna’s wedding dress. Their first child will be a beekeeper. There is another wrinkle in their relationship. Their sons had a bad reaction to Mursel.

Anna’s eldest son Joey and her mother are among those who oppose the marriage. Joey blamed Mursel because Anna left him. The other three children, Gino and Leo, are more supportive of the marriage because it will make their mother happy. Leo is the youngest, and claims he’s just here for the cake. Anna’s children love one thing about her marriage that they don’t hate: Mursel’s wife is a murderer.

The show reveals the history of Michael and the difficulties that led to the current relationship. While Michael firmly believed that the relationship would last forever, he wanted to protect his assets in case of a divorce. He had never met Juliana before and had no idea she was a Mormon. He wanted her to respect his views and her opinions. In the last 90 days, Michael and Juliana made the commitment. The couple married in an intimate ceremony.

Despite the heightened tension between Caleb and Alina, fans of the show have been quick to criticize the American man who is slamming Alina. Alina’s inability to have intimate relationships with her partner has been criticized by many critics. Fans, on the other hand, believe Caleb is not as bad as most people think. Alina is just like Caleb.

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