90 Day Fiance Ndon And Julia

90 Day Fiance Couple – Brandon Gibbs and Julia Gibbs

The couple have come a long way since their 90 Day Fiance debut. Brandon, who was raised in the big city, has embraced the American “farm life”. Julia has also adapted to this new lifestyle. They now have plans to move to Florida, but Brandon’s parents don’t take it well. Luckily, they have been able to resolve the issues between them. In the final season, Brandon and Julia were married and moving to Florida.

The couple met when Julia was just 21 years old and Brandon was 27. The couple is still young for their age but they have been together for two seasons. Julia shared some of the stresses they face in marriage in their Instagram post for the New Year. While Julia didn’t test positive for COVID-19, she had a high fever and said she felt inside like a fried marshmallow. Julia didn’t experience any other symptoms but was concerned that she might contract the disease.

They are currently working to improve their relationship in America. Julia recently moved in to Brandon’s Virginia farm. While she worked as a dancer in Russia, she has to help his parents with the farm animals while living with them. Julia must follow his strict rules during this time. They can’t sleep in the same room, and they must share a hot tub. Despite these obstacles, they are able to fall in love.

Julia Gibbs, 27, is originally from Dinwiddie in Virginia. Before their first real-life encounter, she met Brandon online. The pair started a relationship after Julia received a work visa from the US government. Despite Julia’s insistence, Brandon refused to move in together with her mother. Julia is trying to make it work in the new country with the couple.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs are now engaged and living together in the South. While they met on 90 Day Fiance Season 8, the couple had video chatted while Julia was working in a Russian club. They finally met in person after a few weeks. In Iceland, Brandon proposed to Julia. Their relationship has been stable despite the drama and adversity that their new life has brought.

After eight seasons, the show ended. Fans can rejoice in the couple’s new life together in a different country. Although the show lasted just one season, the couple remained close up until the end. In the meantime, Julia’s temper has been revealed. In the next season, the duo are reportedly planning to get married, despite the fact that her visa has expired.

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