90 Day Fiance Rebecca

Is Rebecca Parrott the Right Woman For Your Fiance?

The 90 Day Fiance rebooted the popular reality TV show by making Rebecca Parrott a restaurant manager. Fans speculate that Rebecca Parrott may be playing a joke on viewers by looking a lot like Darcey Silva. She has not commented on this comparison. She seems happy with her new look, and seems to be enjoying her newfound confidence. Continue reading to find out if Rebecca is the right woman to be your fiance.

In season 8 of 90 Day Fiance, Rebecca Parrott married Zied Hakimi. They met online, and they met in Tunisia. From there, their relationship blossomed. They share a huge age difference, but they have made it work. Now, fans are eager to see the couple in 2022! Here’s how Rebecca discovered that Zied is from Tunisia. Before meeting Zied, she was a graduate in Culinary arts and had managed a restaurant.

Rebecca now has her own number after meeting Zied. She is shocked to learn that he plans to move to Tunisia. She’s intrigued by the idea but is unsure how easy it will be. Zied offers to let her experience the country for a month before she returns to the United States. The 90 Day Fiance couple puts off talking about moving back to the US until Zied returns.

Zied and Rebecca met on a same-sex dating site. Zied was initially excited about Rebecca’s relationship but was apprehensive about the fact that she had a past relationship with a woman. Zied was angry that Rebecca had told him about her past relationship, despite the fact that it was over. Rebecca waited until the perfect moment to tell him the news.

Rebecca’s new boyfriend, Zeid Hakimi, is not only a successful actor but also an aspiring musician. Rebecca posted a TikTok video explaining the incident and how Zied saved her. She even stated that her husband is her hero. Zied and Rebecca’s relationship has endured despite their differences. This couple is living the dream. This 90 Day Fiance episode will show you how much they love one another.

Even though Rebecca Parrot isn’t a star on 90 Day Fiance she still shares her life with her fans through her Instagram account. Recently, Rebecca accidentally booked an Airbnb and got a new cell phone number, one that was registered under someone else’s name. They will be married on April 19, 2020. The drama and tension surrounding Rebecca’s relationship caused a lot of upset among viewers. Fortunately, Rebecca and Zied are still together, and their wedding is scheduled for April 19.

Rebecca Dawson’s recent health issues have made her more vulnerable to public scrutiny. Her hands started shaking before the 90 Day Fiance tell-all was shot. Fans worried that she was going to make the same mistakes again. Rebecca struggled to express herself on social media, but she was positive and supportive of her followers on Instagram. There are many rumors about the reality TV star.

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