90 Day Fiancé Updates 2022

90 Day Fiance Updates 2022

90 Day Fiance fans will be pleased to hear that the final season of the show will air on TLC Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. ET. As the series ends, there’s no need to worry though, because there’s plenty of time to catch the last few episodes. You can also watch 90 Day Fiance online, either on the TLC Go app, Hulu, or Discovery+.

Josh Strobel met Aleksandra Iarovikova in the Czech Republic while on a Mormon mission trip. Jorge Iarovikova was sentenced to two and a quarter years for marijuana possession. They were married in the same year. Anfisa, his wife, filed for divorce after his release. Although this story is based on actual events, it is important to remember that fictional couples may not always reflect reality.

The eighth season saw the couples of Season 8 begin to plan for their wedding. The first wedding was supposed to take place in Season 8, but there was confusion about the date. The two of them got engaged eventually. In the meantime, they were still living in Washington. In the following season, Corey and Evelin will return to Washington after the season finale.

Jenny and Sumit Singh are another couple featured on the show. While both had their critics when they were on the show, their relationship has become increasingly popular, as they faced a significant age difference. Their relationship has also grown despite their past struggles. Jenny Slatten was even criticized for acknowledging the Fourth of July holiday. Sumit Singh’s photographs of Jenny, his wife, are charming and endearing.

In March, the two dated briefly, and Mike cheated on her with Ximena. Then in April, they got engaged. Ximena has since gone on to marry Vanessa Guerra, so this could be a new 90 Day Fiance episode. Ximena’s story is another one that has been circulating. In February, she removed her TikTok regarding her new partner.

The show’s popularity is also growing. The series has eight seasons and will likely have a third. Season 10 could premiere as soon as the ninth series is released. Fans of the show will be delighted to hear that the couple’s relationship will continue flourishing after the nine seasons. If it doesn’t, expect Season 10 soon. So, what can fans of 90 Day Fiance expect in 2022?

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