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How 8-Year-Old Abbey Fleck Made a Fortune Cooking Bacon in the Microwave

Abbey Fleck, then 8 years old, created an empire by developing an improved way to cook bacon. On one Saturday morning in 1993 while cooking bacon in the microwave with her father, Abbey ran out of paper towels to absorb grease. She went home and invented this method instead.

Her solution was to hang strips like laundry and collect any grease underneath a pink plastic plate – her patent-winning invention known as Makin Bacon can now be found at Walmart stores nationwide.

Early Life and Education

Abbey Fleck was only eight when she came up with an innovative method to cook microwaved bacon called Makin’ Bacon, and her father helped spread the word by sending samples out to every human interest writer and TV producer he could find.

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Professional Career

Abbey Fleck was just 8 when she came up with an ingenious microwave dish for cooking bacon more efficiently and less messy. Abbey’s idea came when her and her father were making bacon together and ran out of paper towels to absorb grease from making bacon. That inspired Abbey to design what is now called Makin’ Bacon.

She and her father created the dish by placing bacon on a wire hanger inside a microwave, so it could drain of its excess fat as it cooked. It quickly became popular, prompting them to establish Makin’ Bacon as a company selling this unique product.

Abbey has proven that even at 8 years old she can build an effective business, providing an example of how anyone can use everyday experiences to ignite creativity and start something new.

Achievement and Honors

Abbey Fleck is the creator of Makin Bacon, a revolutionary new way for consumers to prepare meat. Her initial concept for Makin Bacon came when her family ran out of paper towels for sopping up excess grease while making bacon.

She and Jon created the Makin Bacon, featuring a hanger that allows users to cook bacon without using paper towels in an oven. Since its introduction, this product has proven immensely popular, selling more than 2.7 million units since its introduction.

Fleck has been recognized by various organizations for her dedication to her work and community service. In 2015, she received the highly esteemed Gold Key Award from the National Association of School Boards.

Personal Life

Abbey Fleck was just 8 when she made a brilliant kitchen tool that revolutionized how she cooked bacon in her family’s microwave. It all began one Saturday morning in 1993 when Abbey and her father ran out of paper towels to soak up grease while cooking bacon together, leading them both to use classified ads instead of paper towels – and that triggered Abbey to come up with her million-dollar idea: why not hang the bacon like laundry while it cooks so we no longer need paper towels while making healthier food?

Abbey and her father Jon successfully developed Makin’ Bacon, a microwave bacon-cooking plate featuring three T-shaped racks to hold strips upright and allow excess grease to drain instead of sitting in them while being microwaved. Their innovation earned an endorsement from Armour Bacon and airings on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Late Night with David Letterman shows.

Net Worth

Abbey Fleck became a multimillionaire at just 8 years old after she invented an innovative way of microwaving bacon, the Makin’ Bacon microwave-safe plastic tray. Her family manufactured and distributed it commercially through Wal-mart; their success earned them an appearance on Oprah Winfrey show as well.

Her invention also benefitted her father’s multimillion-dollar enterprise, manufacturing various types of cooking trays. However, the Flecks say that counterfeit products available on popular marketplaces such as Amazon are undercutting sales of their own products; counterfeits with Abbey’s photo and trademark name appear on these knockoffs but contain nothing more than plastic waste that dissolves when heated in a microwave oven.

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