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Ace Frehley and His Daughter Lindsey

The famous guitarist, Ace Frehley, is known for many things, including his guitar playing. In fact, he has released 10 studio albums. He also has a daughter named Lindsey. And although he has been a household name for some time, his personal life has been a bit more of a mystery.

Ace’s first wife was Jeanette Trerotola. They had one child together, a girl named Monique. Sadly, that relationship was short-lived. Their daughter is now 14 years old.

After a brief stint in Kiss, Ace moved on to other projects. He worked for Molimo, a music record label, and also joined a band called The Magic People. But he eventually made a name for himself as a solo artist. His first album was a big hit. It also featured an innovative double-lightning bolt logo, which he designed himself.

Another noteworthy feat in his career was his invention of the “spaceman” note. This was a cool device that enabled Frehley to play the guitar with his hands. Several other rock stars also used the same device. However, it was Ace who came up with the idea of using it to impress an audience.

Although Ace Frehley is no longer in the rock and roll business, his impact on the music industry has been tremendous. He is now a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. During his career, he has performed in four live albums. He has also written his own autobiography, No Regrets.

Besides his contribution to the musical genre, Ace Frehley has made a lot of money. As of now, he has an estimated net worth of two million dollars. He has been married twice, and his second marriage has ended in divorce. When he was young, he was a member of the Ducky Boys street gang.

Unlike his first wife, Ace is currently married to Rachael Gordon. Initially, they had a whirlwind romance. They were engaged for eight years, but then split up. Eventually, they got back together.

In 2013, Audrey Hamilton appeared briefly on social media. At the time, she was dating Robert Plant. She was also pregnant with Ace’s daughter. Over time, she accepted the groupie title.

In recent years, Audrey disappeared from the public eye. Her mother, however, is still alive and well. She resides in Dallas, Texas.

For the past few years, Ace has been dating Lara. Both of them have been trying to cut back on alcohol and eat healthier. Nevertheless, they are still happy and smiley. So, when are they going to take their next step?

Ace has an extensive history, and his daughter is a big part of that. She is a big fan of her father’s music. Some of her favorite songs are “Still Wicked”, which features Ron Leejack, Michael Scitto and MaryAnn Scandiffio, and “Rise Up” which was produced by Kris Randall.

There are plenty of other interesting facts about Ace’s life. He is the youngest of three children.

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