Aci Surgical N95

ACI Surgical N95 Respirator

The Surgical N95 Respirator makes a great choice for healthcare professionals, and anyone who needs protection against aerosolized solid particles. The unit is a level 3 fluid resistant mask that offers superior protection for your respiratory system. As a NIOSH-certified N95 filtering facepiece respirator, this mask conforms to recognized standards for biocompatibility, fluid resistance, and flammability. Its flat pouch design makes it comfortable to wear.

The Surgical N95 Respirator’s advanced design makes it ideal for a variety of uses, including medical clinics and laboratory procedures. The non-abrasive comfort layer and flat pouched design ensure comfort and prevent fogging. The masks meet stringent biocompatibility and fluid resistance standards and do not require government subsidies. The nasal clips and facepieces can be adjusted to fit the face comfortably and perfectly.

The ACI Surgical N95 Respirator is lightweight and comfortable, making it an excellent choice for traveling. Its soft stretchy head straps make it easy to pack for travel. ACI offers 10 packs of N95 masks in a handy carry-on case. The mask is made from comfortable elastic fabric and has a wire strip that allows it to be adjusted to fit the bridge of your nose. Despite its lightweight, the mask is still capable of providing excellent protection for your respiratory system, even when worn by multiple people.

Unlike most other masks, the Surgical N95 Respirator provides an excellent seal. The duckbill design is also comfortable and breathable. The mask’s front allows for breath to pass through and exits the mouth through a small hole. While many masks provide wider coverage, this can cause glasses to fog and is medically unsound. The duckbill design allows for breath to escape without threatening vision.

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