Adam Brimeyer

Adam Brimeyer, Sound Engineer at Tap House in Downtown Ames

Adam Brimeyer has earned himself a stellar reputation for providing sound production for some of the greatest bands and local heroes in town. His expertise in rock music production and live sound sounding are unsurpassed.

He serves as manager of DG’s Tap House in Birmingham, Alabama where he oversees their live sound system. Clientele come from all across the country for concerts or to listen to local talent – his priority is making DG’s an inviting place for musicians as well as their fans alike.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

Adam Brimeyer has provided sound for thousands of live shows spanning everything from rock legends to local heroes. He has worked at DG’s Tap House, an iconic rock club in downtown Ames, as well as managing sound for outdoor and festival shows.

He has been working in the music industry since 2002, beginning as a doorman before progressing up the ladder to General Manager of DG’s.

Brimeyer has been instrumental in building the establishment’s reputation as a music-friendly club, making him an invaluable asset. Not only is he an accomplished musician himself, he has played for local bands like Electric Jury and Drunk N Disorderly as a guitarist. Additionally, his knowledge of sound engineering enables artists and musicians to have an enjoyable performance experience at DG’s.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Brimeyer is an expert at wearing many hats in his position as head sound engineer at DG’s Tap House, an Ames rock club. As sound engineer for numerous shows – often in unexpected venues – Adam has played host to some of Ames’ top bands like Black Sabbath and Electric Jury as well.

His favorite part of his job is interacting with bands and fans, making the interaction all the more rewarding. One stand-out experience was running sound for Meat Puppets during their unique performance at DG’s during Maximum Ames Music Festival 2013. Running sound allowed him to witness them perform some of their greatest material up close in an intimate setting.

Personal Life

Adam Brimeyer is an accomplished sound engineer with more than two decades of experience providing sound for live performances across many genres and events, such as rock legends like KISS and local heroes like Trashcan Sinners to outdoor festivals like Maximum Ames Music Fest 2013. Adam has played sound engineering duties at thousands of live events over his career – for both legendary acts like KISS as well as local heroes like Trashcan Sinners or festivals such as Maximum Ames Music Festival 2013. Adam’s favorite sound-engineering experience came while running sound for Meat Puppets who performed at DG’s during Maximum Ames Music Fest 2013.

As well as his work at DG’s, he also provides sound for Gas Lamp in Des Moines and London Underground in Ames. An avid lover of all things sound-related, his expertise offers unique insight into music business dynamics and what makes good live sound production. I recently sat down for a beer and chatted with him about his career in music production.

Net Worth

Net worth refers to an individual or business’s assets minus its liabilities, typically calculated using an algorithm.

Adam Brimeyer is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth of at least $1 Million. His net worth comes largely from his voice acting career – which includes providing voices for popular TV shows like Ben 10, The Swan Princess, Legion of Super Heroes.

His net worth should grow as he gains greater recognition and success within the industry, potentially becoming one of the richest celebrities some time down the line.

He is a popular YouTuber with two channels on YouTube – one dedicated to prank videos with over 1 Million subscribers, and another for his Vlogs which have over 1.5 Billion views!

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