Adam Buchbinder

Adam Buchbinder, VP of Sales US K-12 at Boclips

Adam Buchbinder had 1 entry on our database; his most recent job was as Vice President of Sales US K-12 for Boclips. Prior to that he worked for Listenwise before graduating from Bates College. SignalHire provides more details including personal details, location history and family details of Adam Buchbinder.

Early Life and Education

Adam Buchbinder was born December 23, 1985 in Willimantic, Connecticut and graduated from Bates College with a degree in American Studies with an emphasis in Education, Phi Beta Kappa membership, and graduating Magna Cum Laude. Following college he began working at Listenwise initially as Sales and Marketing Associate before eventually being promoted to Manager of School Partnerships then Director of Sales before transitioning over to Boclips and becoming Senior Director of Sales US K-12 before leaving this month residing currently in New York City with parents Irving James Buchbinder and Brenda Liss as well as two brothers Jeffrey and Adam.

Professional Career

He possesses vast expertise in special events, marketing, communications, branding, product launch, digital and new media, project management and copywriting – with particular expertise in special events management, special event marketing and entrepreneurship and business development.

Michael serves on the board of directors of Somerset Medical Center Foundation and as a member of both Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Advisory Board and CEO Roundtable on Cancer. In addition, he volunteers his services as coach for local men’s soccer team.

Adam Buchbinder has been working in education since 2015. Starting off his career at Listenwise as a Sales and Marketing Associate before progressing through various roles until finally becoming Manager of School Partnerships at Boclips. From there, Adam was promoted to Director of Sales before finally being named Vice President of Sales US K-12 at Boclips in 2021.

Personal Life

Buchbinder spends his free time playing sports, reading, and traveling. Additionally, he serves on the Bates College board of trustees as a volunteer and was recognized on its Dean’s List multiple times during his studies there.

Beginning his career in 2015, he has held various roles at different companies. Most recently he is working as the Vice President of Sales US K-12 at Boclips and has 1 year 7 months experience.

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