Adam Buick

Adam Buick

Adam Buick, a ceramic artist, draws his inspiration for his pots from the unruly landscape of Pembrokeshire’s coast. Here he forages for minerals and stones that enrich his creations.

His practice centers around the moon jar – a delicate white porcelain vessel resembling Korean dal-hang-ri vessels which first inspired him.

Early Life and Education

Adam Buick was born in Arbroath, Scotland on 17 September 1854 to joiner Thomas Buick and Jane Rodger. Eventually he immigrated to the United States in 1856.

He worked as an engineer before founding a company that manufactured plumbing equipment. Starting in 1899, he started developing gasoline engines for agricultural and marine use as well as inventing valve-in-head engines for cars as well as windshields.

Buick’s work draws upon nature for inspiration, using clays, minerals and sand from Wales in his pots as materials found throughout nature. His creations harken back to pre-industrial times when people had greater connections to both land and nature.

Professional Career

Adam Buick is an individual of many talents. He has established himself as a bespoke ceramics enthusiast and tour guide throughout Wales, most notably being invited to Jerwood Makers Open 2013. Alongside winning several awards and accolades in pottery trade circles, his credentials also include providing tech tours around Wales as well as possessing an eclectic collection of artifacts dating back centuries – something we at CIC have long had our eye on! We can’t wait to see what comes next from Adam!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Buick left an everlasting mark on all those lucky enough to call him their mentor, impressing all with his generosity, sense of humor, and boundless enthusiasm for life. We count him among our most interesting acquaintances over many years – an undoubted part of Adam Buick’s legacy will endure long after we all wear our tuxedos and tie our bow ties once more.

Personal Life

Adam Buick is an artist residing and working in Pembrokeshire, Wales. After studying Archaeology and Anthropology at university, Adam completed a Crafts Council of Ireland ceramic skills course in 2006.

Adam opened his own studio in 2006 and quickly established himself as a highly acclaimed practitioner. His works can be found both nationally and internationally as well as being in public collections like Cardiff National Museum.

Adam draws his inspiration from Moon Jars, a Korean form from the Choson Dynasty made of plain white porcelain, creating spheres made from fired clay that are both serene and complex at once. These vessels act as his canvas on which to add locally sourced materials into them.

Net Worth

Adam Buick is estimated to have an estimated net worth between $1 and $6 Million. His fortune has been amassed through his primary career of Politics as well as through investments and earnings from various projects; additionally he earned some funds through artwork; plus made an estimated amount from moon jar business venture.

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