Adam Cabinet

The Adam Cabinet and the Scott-Scott Debate

Adams insisted upon peaceful solutions while calling for military buildup to protect trade and security, yet he often found himself at odds with Hamilton and other radical Federalists.

Australian industrial designer Adam Goodrum and French marquetry artisan Arthur Seigneur collaborated to craft this cabinet out of straw marquetry. It features two humps that recall a mother and child figure.

Early Life and Education

Adams would travel across the Atlantic regularly during his early years. These expeditions provided him with insight into upper- and middle-class residences in England, Scotland, Russia (where Adam introduced his designs), and post-Revolutionary War America.

John Quincy Adams joined his father on various diplomatic missions throughout Europe as a youngster. In 1781, Francis Dana sent John Quincy Adams along as private secretary and interpreter for their U.S. minister plenipotentiary to Russia.

Adam and Arthur is a two-metre-high cabinet designed by French marquetry artisan Arthur Seigneur and Australian industrial designer Adam Goodrum under their collective moniker. It is composed of one color with undulating silhouettes that recall common themes such as mother and child relationships in art, complete with bands of black straw that was dyed in-house by these designers to accent its white finish.

Professional Career

Adam has spent over 30 years in public safety, spanning roles such as state-level deputy secretary of public safety and homeland security, metropolitan fire chief/commissioner, big city emergency management director and structural/wildland firefighter. His expertise includes crisis management, leadership training development policy implementation advanced data analytics innovation.

Adam currently manages Landman Library’s print and electronic collections as well as developing ScholarWorks@Arcadia for Arcadia University. In addition, he teaches first-year seminar and university courses as well as serving on Scholarly Communication faculty steering committee. Adam joined Arcadia faculty since 2014.

Achievement and Honors

Adams achieved many diplomatic successes as secretary of state, helping the US maintain equal status among major world powers while increasing transcontinental security. He was responsible for creating what later became known as the Monroe Doctrine policy that sought to prevent European intervention or colonization in Western Hemisphere territories.

Adams alienated many Federalists when, in 1800, he fired Timothy Pickering and James McHenry from his cabinet due to their opposition to his foreign policy. Yet, despite such opposition from within his party membership, he went on to win reelection as president in 1820, although not belonging to Federalist Party membership.

Adam and Arthur created this monochromatic cabinet using straw marquetry; dyeing flattened ribbons of straw for an iridescent pearlescent sheen interrupted by vertical black stripes.

Personal Life

As soon as John Adams took office, America became mired in intense political conflict among opposing factions. Adams supported strong central government that promoted industry, banking interests and merchants while keeping close ties to England; Thomas Jefferson led Democratic-Republicans who advocated limited power for national governments while upholding free land ownership, personal liberty and support of France.

As Secretary of State, Monroe contributed significantly to negotiating the joint occupation of Oregon by England and acquisition of Florida from Spain as well as creating the now well-known Monroe Doctrine.

1stDibs offers a selection of vintage Adam cabinets. One example is the Mother and Child Cabinet by French artisan Arthur Seigneur; its two-metre height cupboard is decorated with straw marquetry (the craft technique that forms patterns using flattened ribbons of white straw embedded into furniture) patterns.

Net Worth

Florida Governor Rick Scott has an estimated net worth of around $132.7 million according to his financial disclosure forms. This wealth reportedly comes from assets including Putnam Groves timber company and Florida Citrus Farm which he co-owns with family members, as well as hotels and other business interests he owns.

Patch Adams, an internationally-known physician, comedian, and clown with a net worth estimated at $2 Million has created the Gesundheit! Institute and travels the globe providing humor-based treatments to medical patients. He has also written several bestselling books including Gesundheit! Institute Guidebook.

Priti Patel is estimated to have a net worth of more than PS2m, due to her anticipated inheritance from Helena de Chair and possible succession rights over Bourne Park – her father graduated from Keele and Essex Universities respectively.

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