Adam Djou

Adam Djou

Adam Djou is a Senior Vice President with Torrey Pines Bank specializing in specialty deposit banking and commercial real estate financing. Additionally, he serves on the San Marino Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

The DCCC is concerned about Djou, who is running for election to Hawaii to fill Neil Abercrombie’s former seat.

Early Life and Education

Adam Djou was born in Los Angeles to Chinese parents and Thai Chinese mother. As a child his family relocated to Hawaii where he attended high school in Honolulu and college in Pennsylvania.

He holds degrees in political science and finance from Wharton University as well as law from the University of Southern California, in addition to earning a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Djou was raised with an immense sense of duty and loyalty towards his country, taking great pride in his parents’ status as refugees from Algeria. Today he serves in the US Army Reserves, having already deployed to Afghanistan.

Personal Life

Adam Djou is the Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking at Torrey Pines Bank in Los Angeles, California. Since 2008 he has provided financial solutions to service industries, nonprofits, law firms and high net-worth individuals requiring commercial real estate financing and specialty deposit banking solutions.

Djou was born in Los Angeles to a Chinese father from Shanghai and Thai Chinese mother from Bangkok. He graduated from Punahou School before attending college at both the Wharton School of Business at University of Pennsylvania and USC’s Gould School of Law – later joining NAAAP membership and raising his daughter Reilley Wei-Ling Djou with Barbara Tomiko Yasuda as well.

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