Adam Draizin

Adam Draizin

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According to its 2019 debt facility terms, TILT must designate two Board members as noteholder designees. Adam Drazin currently fills this role.

Professional Career

Adam Draizin possesses an array of professional experiences in sales, marketing and business development. With a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University under his belt and experience across multiple industries and sectors spanning four decades. At present he serves as President of Concordia Philanthropic Fund which supports youth leadership initiatives within LGBTQ and progressive political sectors; furthermore he volunteers his services teaching financial empowerment workshops at CUNY; in addition he holds board membership at Congressional Award Foundation, New Leaders Council and Williams Institute.

Draizin co-founded American Traffic Solutions (ATS), a photo enforcement company providing red light and speed cameras across the US. In 2017, he sold this company to Platinum Equity (now Verra Mobility NASDAQ: VRRM).

Net Worth

Adam Draizin of Harvard Business School saw his $45 million investment multiply six-fold when Goldman Sachs purchased Automated Ticketing Systems (ATS). While Draizin retains significant stake in Automated Ticketing Systems (ATS), he has taken steps to diversify his interests by serving on boards and consulting for other businesses. Currently living in Paradise Valley, Arizona with family scattered between New York and Washington; see this full profile from August 2022 for updates; this page also displays all executive movement within this year

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