Adam Drink

Adam Drink – Alcohol Expert and Founder of the Beverage Competition Series

Adam Drink is an esteemed alcohol expert and founder of the beverage competition series. Additionally, he’s known as an active supporter of National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

This fall he will star as Liam Ridley on the CW reboot of Dynasty, following two of America’s wealthiest families. His portrayal brings authenticity and good-natured charm to his role of a privileged journalist.

Early Life and Education

Adam was an extremely gifted individual from North Miami Beach, Florida who excelled in multiple areas. In high school he played baseball and took part in drama productions; additionally, he earned a spot on University of Florida’s top-ranked baseball team by walking-on both years as an unranked walk-on player.

While at college, Adam was asked to join Delta Chi. Although unfamiliar with fraternities and shy, his parents Eric and Linda encouraged him to join as they wanted him to leave his residence hall and break out of his shell.

Adam valued time spent with his tight circle of friends. Online conversations became especially meaningful during the pandemic when meeting in person was impossible. Adam was always sweet and encouraging others without ever placing himself above anyone.

Professional Career

Adam earned promotion to district sales manager after 11 years as a sales professional, overseeing five sales reps covering Trumbull, Columbiana and Mahoning (youngstown county). Adam utilizes his product knowledge from his time spent selling to lead his team towards success.

He has played a vital role in launching multiple food halls and mixed-use developments, such as Politan Row at Colony Square and Flagship Commons, while being responsible for leading the national Eat/Drink team.

Adam loves everything to do with water; sailing has always been part of his life both casually and competitively. Additionally, Adam is an avid fan of Rutgers sports, often praying to the College Football Gods for victory!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Drink has received numerous honors throughout his career. He was named Restaurateur of the Year at both the British GQ Food and Drink Awards and WineSpeed Awards; additionally he won one Michelin star for Frog by Adam Handling restaurant in 2022.

Michael accepts Carlo’s murder case but chooses not to assist. Nancy goes to Michael with her suspicions of Lt. Cusack and Michael provides Nancy with evidence against Kofi causing Rocco’s death. Joey is saved by the Baxters but Michael uses water-spiking techniques on him to force him testify against Carlo; Frannie discovers Adam and Fia’s relationship. Please drink responsibly! PartyPingo does not encourage irresponsible drinking of any sort.

Personal Life

Adam finds great pleasure in spending his free time with those most important to him – family and friends alike. Adam looks forward to playing cards with his parents, singing karaoke with his godchildren and attending Sunday basketball with a group of men dedicated to developing young adult males through teamwork and accountability.

He enjoys traveling to cities where Drink Nation sites are being launched, visiting breweries, restaurants and distilleries to research content for these new sites. Furthermore, he’s passionate about college football – especially his Alma Mater Rutgers – and prays they win every game! Additionally, his big heart always desires what’s best for others while remaining authentic while celebrating diversity – two values which drive much of what he does professionally and personally. Consequently, much of his career and coaching focus is directed towards improving situations or circumstances so as not to cause harm or strain.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth is determined by measuring their assets minus their liabilities. This includes cash, investments, property and any other forms of financial assets that they own as well as retirement accounts and credit card debt or any other obligations they have.

An impressive net worth is often an indicator of someone’s financial health and management practices; likewise, it can indicate whether a person is making wise investments with their funds.

Adam Neumann is estimated to be worth an estimated net worth between $1.3 and $2.3 billion, having amassed much of his fortune through WeWork, an office-sharing business he co-founded with Miguel McKelvey in 2010. Together they built WeWork into one of the highest valued office sharing businesses on the market before they were ultimately removed in 2019. In recent years he has made significant investments into various startups, such as AI companies and mortgage lending platforms.

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