Adam Duberstein

Adam Duberstein

Adam Duberstein, a fourth-year clinical psychology doctoral student at Michigan School of Psychology. Additionally, he works as a therapist at BetterHelp.

Physician Becky inquires into her patient’s symptoms and suggests antidepressant medication (Zoloft). As an additional treatment option, she suggests admission into an inpatient mental health unit as an inpatient option.

He has extensive experience representing debtors, creditors and case trustees before bankruptcy courts and appellate bodies in bankruptcy matters. Furthermore, he possesses knowledge about business side transactions involving clients as well as various financial instruments.

Early Life and Education

Adam Duberstein holds both his master’s in clinical psychology from Michigan School of Psychology as well as a bachelor’s degree in English and psychology from Earlham College. Additionally, Adam is a member of the American Psychological Association as well as currently working at The Princeton Review.

Duberstein signed onto an amicus curiae brief urging same-sex marriage during Hollingsworth v. Perry, which eventually legalized gay marriage in America. Additionally, Duberstein competed and won at the Shapero Cup Regional Duberstein Bankruptcy Competition hosted by University of Memphis Law School two teams led by Kelsey Keef and Jimmy Hood respectively and Paddy Treadwell and Michael Holmes from University Memphis Law School teams.

Professional Career

He has worked as a conservation biologist for 17 years, spending half that time in Sonora and Sinaloa in Mexico. During that time he consulted for universities, non-profits, all federal land management agencies, as well as the Mexican government on issues of migration bird ecology, habitat restoration, monitoring programs and bird watching. Furthermore, he established the Navopatia Field Station which offers internship opportunities to both American and Mexican students studying conservation biology and natural history.

Sherron is currently studying clinical psychology at Michigan School of Psychology and also holds a master’s degree in higher education and student affairs administration. He is experienced at resolving legal issues both inside and outside bankruptcy proceedings such as individual reorganizations, debt restructuring, insolvency proceedings, financial litigation disputes and workouts for businesses of all types; specifically experience is gained in Chapter 7, 9, 11, 12 13 15 cases as well as appellate practice.

Achievement and Honors

Duberstein stands out as an individual with a diverse and competitive athletic background and professional experience in business affairs, having both been multisport athletes herself. At CAA Sports she currently works on various segments representing teams, leagues and properties within the sports industry.

She has also been an active participant in her community, serving on OTPA’s Board of Directors as well as contributing to its Communications, Fund Development and Membership committees.

She has participated in two bankruptcy moot court competitions; these are: (1) Honorable Lloyd George Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition and (2) Charles C. Papy Jr Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition.

Personal Life

Adam is married and the proud parent of two young children. For over 18 years he has practiced clinical psychology as well as being a part-time birding guide/naturalist throughout the American west and northern Mexico, including Sonora and Sinaloa’s shrub-steppe habitats allowing him to observe migrating birds from all over the globe as they move from breeding season to wintering grounds each year.

At the University of Miami School of Law, he earned a law degree with honors. While in school he also participated on its Moot Court Board and worked as a judicial clerk to Honorable Judge Paul C. Huck in Florida’s United States District Court for the Southern District.

King practices at two Michigan-based psychology clinics: King and Associates in Farmington and Sage Tree Psychology Group in Oxford. He holds limited licensure as a psychologist.

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