Adam Fairholm

Adam Fairholm

Adam Fairholm is the author of multiple books on leadership, such as Values Leadership: Toward a New Philosophy of Leadership published by Praeger (Westport, CT) in 1991. Additionally, he has written numerous articles related to this field.

He currently resides in Miami, Florida and works as both a musician (piano and banjo) and film producer.

Early Life and Education

Adam Fairholm was born and raised in Edinburgh amongst its literary elite. A passionate admirer of David Hume, Adam was known to his friends and acquaintances alike and enjoyed living life to its fullest. Unfortunately his financial fortunes changed frequently over time; after his father’s bank failure in 1764 he decided to seek employment at an English bar, taking risks in pursuit of this path2

He currently resides with his wife and two children in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Personal Life

Adam Fairholm was raised as an Anglican but later converted to Catholicism and joined a priestly order, before later becoming an anointed Catholic bishop with an ordination ceremony taking place in 2011. Since that time he is able to conduct Mass services, provide sacraments, or ordain others as bishops.

Croissant World, originally published in The Observer (Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s College student newspaper), can now be found in book form, along with commentary by its creator.

He is married to Sophia Johnstoun and has two children. His hobbies include reading, drawing and painting.

Net Worth

Net worth refers to the value of assets less external liabilities of an individual or corporation and can also be used as a measure of financial health.

Adam Young is best known as an international music artist through his electronic project Owl City. Initially composing and recording under this moniker while working at a Coca-Cola stockroom nearby. Once uploaded on MySpace, his recordings became rapidly popular with listeners worldwide.

He has collaborated with numerous acclaimed singers, which has significantly increased his income. Each month he brings in more income. You can view his Cars, Monthly/Yearly Salary, Net Worth and Lifestyle information below.

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