Adam Handfinger

Adam Handfinger, Attorney at Law

Adam Handfinger is a partner in Peckar and Abramson’s Miami office and specializes in construction litigation matters such as payment disputes, delay claims and insurance coverage disputes.

He also defends construction workers in class action Fair Labor Standards Act claims.

Adam’s Hand stands out among bionic hands by being capable of gripping an assortment of objects with proportional speed and force.

Professional Career

Adam Handfinger is an esteemed attorney practicing in Florida. Currently serving as co-managing partner at Peckar & Abramson’s Miami office, Adam specializes in construction law and commercial litigation matters related to contract negotiation, project management, subcontractors performance issues/claims/payment issues/bond/insurance claims litigation closeout processes as well as related disputes.

He possesses extensive litigation experience across the United States in state and federal courts as well as arbitration proceedings. Furthermore, he provides advice to clients through all stages of construction projects, often helping resolve problems in real time to help avoid disputes and achieve successful project outcomes. Certified by the Florida Bar as a Construction Law Specialist. Furthermore, he lectures frequently on construction-related topics.

Personal Life

Adam Handfinger is an attorney with Peckar & Abramson located in Miami, Florida. As co-managing partner, his practice centers around construction litigation matters. Representing construction professionals in all forms of commercial litigation related to projects; including contract negotiation and project management duties as well as subcontractor performance issues/claims management/payment issues/defect claims as well as project closeout processes/litigations of related disputes arising.

Outside the workplace, he remains active in his community through charitable pursuits. A staunch adherent to Greek Orthodox traditions, he has donated generously to churches, schools and other organizations within his region as well as participating in multiple fundraising events for these entities. He lives with his wife and two children at 6000 NW 68th St, Parkland FL 33067.

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