Adam Harvitz

Adam Harvitz

Adam Harvitz was one of the all Jewish 1980s rap group The Beastie Boys. Their music may have been immature and offensive, yet they became New York’s hometown heroes by dodging authority on their way to after-hours fun.

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Early Life and Education

Adam Horvitz (born December 11, 1964) is an American jazz drummer and the creator of Kneebody, an innovative jazz band founded in Reno Nevada in 1998 that has gone on to tour around the globe.

Adam Harvitz of Brooklyn, New York is best known for his work with the Beastie Boys. This influential hip-hop music group released albums such as Ill Communication, Check Your Head and Paul’s Boutique which forever altered hip-hop music history.

He has also taught at various universities, including the University of Nevada Reno where he currently serves as Assistant Professor of Jazz Studies and encourages his students to become healthy musicians who make healthy music with creative flair – which can be found throughout his music.

Professional Career

Adam Horvitz has handled numerous high-profile cases on a pro bono basis as an attorney and magician, entertaining thousands in stadiums as well as millions on television through shows such as Penn and Teller Fool Us and Penn and Teller Fool Us Live (including Penn and Teller Fool Us Show ). In addition, Adam has entertained heads of state and even presidents.

Adam is also an accomplished musician, having played in the 1980s all-Jewish rap group The Beastie Boys. In this movie he portrays 17-ish Tim ‘Chino’ Doolan who is troubled teen; Amy Locane makes an impressive first acting debut as his girlfriend while Donald Sutherland delivers as one of his therapists – both are excellent supporting actors as is Adam who does an admirable job himself as one of them!

Achievement and Honors

Horvitz was a member of the 1980s Jewish-American rap group The Beastie Boys and an Emmy Award-winning director. He had also overseen 12 Oscar telecasts. Before his passing from cancer on April 4, Horvitz had assembled a top team – Danette Herman will serve as co-producer, Bob Dickinson as lighting designer, and Baz Halpin will join as set designer – to produce this year’s ceremony for Don Mischer Productions with Horvitz serving 17 times to direct it telecast telecast to air September 20 on Fox.

Personal Life

Adam Horovitz is an artist and instigator of collaborative love mischief. He co-founded the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC and works with numerous organizations at the intersection of art, education, spirituality and social justice. Currently living on unceded Tiwa land near Albuquerque.

He has played various roles in movies and television shows. These include Tim “Chino” Doolan in Lost Angels, Sam in Roadside Prophets, Repulski in Godspeed and Fletcher in While We’re Young. Additionally, he was married for some time to actress Ione Skye.

He is also an accomplished magician, performing for thousands in stadiums and millions on television (including Penn and Teller Fool Us show). In addition, he has entertained heads of state while outwitting many of the top magicians.

Net Worth

Adam Horovitz was born in Manhattan, New York on 31 October 1966 and now boasts an estimated net worth of $100 Million. He is best known as an accomplished Soundtrack Artist for Beastie Boys as well as appearing in several movies like Lost Angels and Roadside Prophets, appearing as well in large venues for thousands of people such as Penn & Teller Fool Us show; performing magic with thousands onlookers such as stadium shows such as Penn & Teller Fool Us show as well as shooting music videos for Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill as well as remixing other artist tracks for other artists – both living residing with his family in Manhattan New York.

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