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Student of the Month for January

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Hausken ran track under Coach Wallert, who constantly encouraged athletes to be good people. Coach Wallert made every athlete feel as if their lives mattered regardless of where they placed in leaderboards.

Early Life and Education

Adam Hausken earned a commendation at State University of New York-Albany and attended Columbia Business School’s Risk Management Executive Education program.

He is a short and muscular man with platinum-blond hair and big sky blue eloquent eyes, wearing an exquisite knuckleduster on his right hand and often holding or eating an apple. Additionally, his groin area is covered with a classic fig leaf.

Adam had an unbreakable will that enabled him to endure great amounts of discomfort without giving in, as evidenced during his fight with Zeus where he continued striking at him despite having already died from each blow despite not doing it for personal glory but instead for humanity’s benefit – earning him respect from even such arrogant deities as Zeus himself.

Professional Career

Adam Hausken began her musical career during high school by performing “A Chorus Line.” She credits much of her success to late track coach Jim Wallert, who made every athlete feel important and appreciated; Wallert won conference championships while sending numerous athletes to state, but that wasn’t ever his main priority.

She plans to major in exercise science with hopes of becoming a physical therapist someday, and enjoys running and music – both of which she practices at Concordia University in St Paul, Minnesota, alongside her brother Aiden Hausken who runs track at Concordia with their dad Tim playing football at St Cloud State and their grandfather at Gustavus Adolphus – among many other interests.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Hausken has long been involved with recreational trails in Oakdale. Additionally, he volunteers his services with organizations dedicated to physical activities that support health and wellbeing.

Hausken was a running standout at North, and credits much of his success to Coach Wallert’s emphasis on developing all athletes as a whole athlete. “He made you feel important no matter where your events were at the time,” Hausken says.

Since 2003, Hausken has led market research and strategy consulting on lasers, image sensors, photonics products and related photonic technologies at Strategies Unlimited. He is also a member of both OSA (American Society for Lasers and Optics) and OIDA (Optical Imaging and Design Association).

Personal Life

Hausken finds balance outside her professional life through spending time with friends and family and pursuing her hobbies. An avid runner who has competed in national races, Hausken enjoys running, reading and piano playing – three things she credits Wallert with creating at North High School’s track program that allowed every athlete to feel valued; winning conference championships while sending several athletes to state – this was perhaps his greatest contribution – according to Hausken!

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