Adam Havig

Adam Havig – CPA

Adam Havig is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) providing assistance to both individuals and small businesses with their tax preparation. Licensed to practice in Oklahoma and having years of experience as an IRS registered tax preparer.

His clients include civic and social organizations, with his firm offering tax accounting for nonprofits. Additionally, he has provided his services to several high net worth individuals.

Early Life and Education

Adam was raised in Wagoner, Oklahoma. Working hard to support his family and being passionate about education pushed him forward academically; becoming the first in his family to attend college. Adam remains dedicated to education and community development throughout his life.

He has dedicated his career to dismantling systems that obstruct marginalized communities’ access to educational and professional success, with proven success as an innovative strategist, educator, and leader.

Adam and Eric are happy in their relationship; however, Otis isn’t convinced. Otis tells Eric not to date Adam due to him being a bully in the past. Eventually Eric decides to open up to Adam about being gay; which leads them down an unexpected path of reconciliation and confession from Otis.

Professional Career

Adam Havig is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), licensed to practice in Oklahoma. With experience in tax accounting for nonprofit clients and his current position at Scifit Systems Inc as Controller he brings extensive expertise in accounting, finance and Microsoft Office applications.

He excels at helping others articulate what they desire and providing guidance in pursuing it. He has provided career coaching services for individuals seeking change or just beginning their careers; in addition, he coaches entrepreneurs and small business owners. While working on Wall Street as a derivatives broker was lucrative yet stressful and exhausting – which prompted him to switch paths by becoming involved with health and fitness instead.

Achievement and Honors

Havig not only opened his own men’s clothing store in Grand Forks, but was instrumental in founding Chambers of Commerce across seven cities from Florida to North Dakota, according to an article in the March 1970 issue of the UND Alumni Review. He was involved with community development by working on renovating and opening up new YMCAs on University Avenue – working on both old and new ones simultaneously! Hal Gershman from Happy Harry’s Bottle Shops received this year’s Henry Havig Award for Community Service from Hal Gershman who said “a full list of his civic accomplishments would fill several alumni reviews.” His son Robert currently chairs the Board at UND Foundation!

Personal Life

Adam isn’t only active professionally – he also makes waves in the civic world as an advocate for equality issues and maintains an active social media presence.

As previously reported by Entertainment Tonight, he is in a long-term relationship with Lisa Hanawalt who works in illustration and cartooning by trade. They prefer keeping their relationship quiet in public eye and do not share much about it publicly.

He currently has several projects lined up and anticipates further success in his career. An avid golfer since early on, he also enjoys travelling and has visited various countries. Plus he’s an animal lover with his pet dog Lily by his side!

Net Worth

Adam Havig has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 Million thanks to his golf career and numerous brand endorsements deals, along with participating in President’s Cup tournaments and making good use of their wealth-building opportunities.

Adam Havig also owns two businesses. Levelwear, his sports apparel brand, has enjoyed great success since its introduction in 2017. Additionally, Adam Havig CPA provides tax accounting to nonprofit clients.

As well as his professional life, he is active on social media and regularly keeps fans up to date about his work. Furthermore, he maintains a good relationship with his wife and they have two children together. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!

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