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Adam McNatt Tattoos

Adam McNatt made the leap from professional skateboarding to tattooing after years of practice as a skateboarder, becoming an experienced tattooist with his own studio and an impressive clientele that keeps him busy.

Mr. Miller excels at both illustrative neotraditional and black and gray work, as well as more complex color realism pieces for private clients who allow him to put all his attention and skill into each artwork he produces.

Early Life and Education

Adam is a Christian name taken from Genesis creation story and popular since medieval times; its usage soared during Protestant Reformation. Adam has also been used by numerous notable people in pop culture including host of Saturday Night Live and rapper known for their catchy rhymes.

Hugh Dancy is an incredible actor and brings immense skill to his performance of Adam in “Between Us and Beth”. Rather than coming off as caricatured, instead his character comes across as someone real who learns and grows with Beth as they accept each other’s limitations. Their relationship is beautifully depicted. Highly recommended to any romantic film fan looking for something engaging yet has a powerful message of acceptance of people as individuals.

Professional Career

Adam McNatt managed to bring some of his creativity as a professional skateboarder into tattooing as part of his transition. After graduating Berkeley College with both certificates and Bachelors degrees, McNatt attended Raygun Tattoo where he was trained by brothers Christy.

McNatt now works from his own private studio in Dana Point with an appointment-only clientele, which allows him to focus on his art without being interrupted by walk-ins. He specializes in illustrative neotraditional, black and gray and color realism pieces but also enjoys color realism designs – his impressive portfolio shows this versatility as an artist.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has earned many honors and accolades during his distinguished career, from authoring several books translated into multiple languages to speaking at conferences across the globe, such as speaking at United Nations events. Furthermore, he was founded and serves as president of Guiding Light Assembly.

He has also served on various boards and committees. His efforts in education, social services and economic development have earned him widespread acclaim; some awards he’s received include the Distinguished Alumni Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and Excellence in Teaching Award as well as being honored with New York City Mayor’s Medal of Freedom.

Personal Life

Bishop Adam McNatt serves on the College of Bishops, overseeing international ministries. Additionally, he pastors Cathedral of Hope in Hamilton, GA where he equips believers and reaches out to those lost in spiritual darkness.

After years of skateboarding that saw him featured in videos and magazine spreads, McNatt decided to pursue tattooing as his next career choice. He started his own private studio to increase flexibility. While this change has proven beneficial, there have been some difficulties to contend with along the way.

McNatt maintains his work ethic from when he skated; he takes great pride in what he creates, constantly striving to improve it and explore all sorts of styles – illustrative neotraditional to black and gray and color realism; as well as newer fine art styles.

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