Adam Medrano

Adam Medrano is a Dallas City Councilman and a Comedian

Medrano quickly took action following the shooting and led community responses and protests in response. He met with high-level civil and political leaders such as President Carter and Pope John Paul II at a White House reception honoring UAW members in 1977.

Medrano currently represents District 2, and his opponent Paul Moreno — an openly gay real estate developer — believes he can bring fresh perspective to city issues.

Early Life and Education

Medrano and Councilman Omar Narvaez played an invaluable role during this year’s storms by helping evacuees get back on their feet. While their work went unrecognized by mainstream media outlets, their assistance provided invaluable relief for families trying to survive through an enormously challenging crisis.

Robert Medranos’ Medranos clan reign supreme in Little Mexico barrio. Only within their precinct alone, they cast 72 votes that can decide an election! Robert’s political acumen enabled him to create such an effective political machine from scratch.

Political acumen helped him finish at the top of his class during a national training seminar for newly elected Latino officials. Medrano was selected to attend this three-day “boot camp” in Washington D.C. which includes seminars on budgeting, staffing and policy making.

Professional Career

Adam Medrano continues the family legacy of public service by seeking another term on Dallas City Council.

He has established relationships with those living in District 2, who trust him. Additionally, he helped introduce a higher standard of professionalism to council meetings, while making significant reforms such as adding nondiscrimination protections into city charter.

He is an influential leader for his community, passionately advocating against LGBT youth homelessness. His aim is to see drop-in centers and transitional housing facilities for teens in his region. Additionally, he’s an arts advocate, having brought funding into the district via projects like Salvation Army holiday meals, clean-up efforts in various neighborhoods, City Wide Graffiti Wipe Out events and sports tournaments.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Medrano earned recognition on the 2016 High School All-Hacienda League Team with his baseball playing ability and earned both left- and right-handed pitcher positions for his high school baseball team.

Medrano serves as both Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem and District 2 City Council Member. From his Very Important City Office he offers breathtaking views of downtown. Additionally, his Very Important City Office boasts bobbleheads of western and eastern Dirks as well as horror Funko Pop! figures such as Pennywise, Freddy Krueger and Jigsaw’s puppet.

Navy War College Monterey graduates who earned “with Distinction” honors in the top 15% of their class include Lt. Cmdrs Gary Pembleton and Jason Nakata; Army Majs Daniel Husek and Emmanuel Sioson, Marine Capts Andrew Giesey and Matthew Mesko as well as retired AIDS Services of Dallas CEO Don Maison who received a Distinguished Service Award from NWC.

Personal Life

Adam Medrano was born and raised in Dallas. Throughout his life he has resided within the district he serves. Adam cherishes many fond memories from spending time in Deep Ellum clubs and venues with friends.

His grandfather, Pancho Medrano, served in public office while Pauline Medrano became one of Dallas City Council’s newest representatives following an intense race for an open seat in 2005.

Medrano has not only served his union as a union representative; he has been active in civil rights marches and protests alongside Cesar Chavez. Additionally, he attended the Shrine Spring Parade following Santos Rodriguez’s police shooting and directed crowds there in support of his family’s demands.

Net Worth

He co-hosts a comedy podcast with Norm MacDonald where they interview various celebrities. Their show premiered on Netflix and they are slowly making waves within the entertainment industry.

He has dedicated both his professional and personal time to assisting the community, participating in numerous public service projects such as area cleanups, Salvation Army holiday meal programs, Citywide Graffiti Wipe Out events, Dallas Summit Youth volleyball tournaments and American Red Cross activities.

Adam Medrano currently represents District 2 on the Dallas City Council and has served since 2013. This year, he is running for reelection and has received support from Moreno who he has collaborated with on city committees; they are good friends.

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