Adam Meffert

Adam Meffert, a Mechanic Iv at Lynden Air Cargo

Adam Meffert is an Aviation Maintenance Technician working for Lynden Air Cargo. Born December 1981 and currently residing in Ray City Georgia. Meffert holds an Associate of Science – AS in Aviation Maintenance Technology from Community College of the Air Force.

Adam Meffert of Red Wing, MN designs mechanical puzzles such as the Sudoku Ball Cube. He is the son of Rollie and Barbara Meffert.

Early Life and Education

Adam Meffert was born and raised in Jefferson, Kentucky, attending the University of Louisville to earn his degree in computer engineering. Later pursuing aviation as a profession with several airlines before currently becoming a mechanic with Lynden Air Cargo.

He enjoys spending his free time playing baseball and visiting with family and friends. Additionally, he likes traveling and has visited multiple countries. Furthermore, he joined Civil Air Patrol’s Lake Composite Squadron recently earning cadet airman status.

Rollie Meffert of Red Wing and Tami Gueltzow of Apple Valley remain his only living relatives; his mother Barbara Meffert passed away previously.

Professional Career

At Lynden Air Cargo, he serves as a L-382g A&P mechanic iii and was previously a specialist section chief for the United States Air Force. Additionally, he held other roles, including propulsion section ncioc/lead technician duties. He currently resides in Ray City, Georgia.

He holds a career-high doubles ranking of World No. 17. In 2021, he and Venus Williams advanced to the quarterfinals of Australian Open; also reaching the final at 2022 Western & Southern Open.

He has three different addresses, the latest of which being in Ray City, Georgia. Additionally, he maintains his own website and remains active on social media; working as both a tire and lube tech/super dad/sociology student has been one of his main jobs.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Meffert is an impressive individual with many accolades to his name. Catherine S. Michaelson established the Benjamin Michaelson Prize to recognize students for high academic achievement and leadership in student activities. Additionally, Adam Meffert founded New Orleans technology company Gigax; to learn more about him use PeekYou’s free people search engine that unearths information that other search engines often miss.

Personal Life

Adam Meffert was not only an active pilot but was also involved with numerous volunteer efforts within his community and enjoyed sailing and golfing as hobbies. Residering in Ray City, Georgia he is survived by daughter Saleen Meffert; father Rollie Meffert from Red Wing Minnesota; sister Tami Gueltzow of Apple Valley as well as many nieces and nephews.

Born December 1981. Elmer and Luella Meffert.

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Net Worth

Chris Meffert is a widely known American politician; Dominik Meffert, German professional tennis player; Greg Meffert (New Orleans technology chief); Uwe Meffert (designer of mechanical puzzles); and William C. Meffert (Minnesota politician and executive). Additionally, Meffert can be found across social media networks and public websites where his fans can keep tabs on him.

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