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Casey Hubbard Joins the Marching Band Despite Spina Bifida

Casey Hubbard loves music and dreams of joining his school’s marching band in Oklahoma – however he faces one obstacle; being born with spina bifida requires using a wheelchair.

Adam Mewhorter was determined to help him fulfill his ambition of performing on stage. He made arrangements so he could get up on the field and join in on the show.

Early Life and Education

Adam Mewhorter knew Casey Hubbard would present a unique challenge when she joined Southmoore High School’s Marching Band in Moore, Oklahoma. Due to her spina bifida diagnosis, Casey required using a wheelchair; marching bands require coordinated movements which could make it hard for someone in a chair to participate fully in band practices and performances.

Mewhorter had always taken pride in offering his students an immersive marching band experience, and that meant making sure Casey felt welcome as soon as he joined. So he took matters into his own hands by offering to be Casey’s pusher during each routine.

Now the pair has earned a national award and is inspiring other teachers to consider creative solutions for including students with disabilities in all activities.

Professional Career

Adam Mewhorter is dedicated to giving all his students at Southmoore High School in Moore, Oklahoma the full marching band experience – including trumpet player Casey Hubbard. Therefore when Casey approached Mewhorter with his dream of joining his school’s marching band he didn’t let it pass without action being taken on it – instead giving Casey full membership into it as soon as he joined.

Mewhorter offered to push Casey during performances. Working closely with choreographers, he developed drills to safely navigate his chair while keeping him synchronized with the rest of the band while keeping Casey safe – an incredible testament to Mewhorter’s dedication. The result speaks for itself!

Achievement and Honors

Adam Mewhorter was well aware that Casey Hubbard, a trumpet player at Southmoore High School in Moore, Oklahoma would present special challenges when joining their marching band – especially considering that Casey has spina bifida and requires use of a wheelchair.

Mewhorter was determined to ensure an accessible experience for his new student, Hubbard. Working closely with choreographers, they developed a routine that enabled them to push Hubbard around the field while still keeping everyone synchronized with one another.

Mewhorter’s story went viral and was recognized with the 2023 National High School Heart of the Arts Award. Additionally, both him and his student were featured on KOCO 5’s Teachers of the Month alongside Quail Creek Bank and Sky 5 Pilot Chase Rutledge.

Personal Life

As Casey Hubbard made his desire known to join Southmoore High School Marching Band in Moore, Oklahoma despite having spina bifida and being in a wheelchair, Adam Mewhorter of Southmoore High was determined not to let Casey miss out on all that marching offered him as a student himself.

Mewhorter collaborated with choreographers to develop drills – the placements and movements of his students throughout each show – that allowed him to push Casey around in his wheelchair while keeping him synchronized with the group. Now, after two years working together on performances with Casey, they never miss an opportunity for collaboration on stage!

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