Adam Necklace

The Rock Wears the Adam Necklace

The Rock wore this necklace created by Icebox to promote his new movie Black Adam. It bears the iconic lightning bolt symbolism associated with DC villain Black Adam.

Mathilde is an unfortunate character, living in a patriarchal society where she feels dependent on her husband for income. She daydreams about things she wants but lacks the strength to achieve them.

Early Life and Education

Inspired by Michelangelo’s famed fresco The Creation of Adam, this necklace captures the Renaissance spirit. Carefully hand-carved out of sterling silver vermeil with light engravings and wax-like textures, it makes a striking piece for everyday wear.

The medallion can be customized with letters, words, dates and/or other symbols of your choosing to create a truly custom piece that hangs from a delicate chain.

Adam’s jewelry designs feature both meticulous design and high quality components as well as eco-friendly ones; his REPO collection for instance features recycled/repurposed denim pieces. Furthermore, Adam’s company ASD promotes possibility within their community by giving homebound individuals a way to manufacture or package products themselves from within their homes.

Sam Salama may be known for being the face of his family business, but Thursday’s Bizzy Awards ceremony belonged to Adam. Carrying on in his dad’s name with Adam’s Jewelers located in Pocono Mountain he has worked diligently towards building his own reputation in the jewelry industry.

Professional Career

Adam has had an immense impact on science fiction and fantasy throughout his career, featuring in over one hundred movies and television shows and being widely acknowledged as one of the finest actors of his time.

DC X RockLove has created this unisex necklace inspired by Black Adam’s powerful lightning bolt emblem to commemorate him on an adjustable sterling silver curb chain necklace. Crafted of solid nickel-free sterling silver and featuring an authentic concrete texture paired with explosive power from crackling electricity, the pendant also boasts an engraved logo featuring light engraving with wax-like texture reminiscent of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam fresco at Sistine Chapel ceiling ceiling.

Achievement and Honors

Adam won the Emerging Artist Residency at Penland School of Craft in 2019 and his work has since been displayed both nationally and internationally.

The medallion bearing Adam’s name engraved from Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel hangs from a delicate sterling silver chain as an unique way to commemorate your relationship or friendship. You can add letters, words or dates for an additional personal touch!

Adam Salama had long been recognized in the Pocono Mountains due to his father’s business, but on Thursday evening, he officially made an impression when accepting their Bizzy Award for Best Business Logo Design at Pocono Palace.

Personal Life

Vigail Adam is a self-taught designer who takes her inspiration from ancient jewelry that once graced women. Her designs reflect mythology and fairytale imagery while her collection also draws from architecture and culture of Greece, Rome, and Egypt.

Her creations can be found in high end boutiques and department stores worldwide, such as Paris, London, Madrid Berlin New York. She currently splits her time between Tel Aviv and New York.

This expandable necklace showcases a fragment from Michelangelo’s famed fresco where God breathes life into Adam, making this piece the perfect reminder of their importance and role within your life. Available both in sterling silver and vermeil with engraving options available for its medallion pendant.

Net Worth

He is well-known as a jewelry designer. Additionally, he operates an influential boutique. Recently though, their store shifted online rather than remaining physically present – their jewelry designs can be quite costly!

He reportedly has an estimated net worth of $1 Million. Born on April 2, 1981 in New York City to Mark Shulman and Jacqueline Banks, he married Anne Hathaway in 2011.

Adam made his film debut as Deputy Enos Strate in 2007’s “The Dukes of Hazard”. Subsequently, he went on to star in numerous TV shows and movies before co-founding a jewelry company with US-German goldsmith Heidi Nahser Fink which has been run jointly ever since its establishment.

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