Adam Paint

Adam Paint

Adam Paint, an artist living in Historic Downtown Franklin, discovered his talent for painting early on and now uses this creative pursuit as his sole means of expression.

Before applying any paint coating, all surfaces should be clayed and machine polished to remove any imperfections. Adam’s Coating Prep should then be applied directly onto a clean Single Soft Towel and used to wipe down surfaces in order to eliminate polish residue build-up.

Early Life and Education

Adams stands as a towering figure of romantic landscape painting from the nineteenth-century, carrying on in their tradition from American Transcendentalists Ralph Waldo Emerson and John Muir.

In 1924 he traveled with Art Academy of Cincinnati classmate Arthur Helwig to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park where they focused on landscape painting for a summer. Additionally they visited California, Yosemite National Park, and Yellowstone on trips.

After returning to Indianapolis, he purchased Russet Studio on Whitewater River in Brookville as a seasonal studio, becoming his primary place of painting landscapes and living there himself.

Professional Career

His paintings elicit emotion and allow the viewer to imagine themselves standing before them, which have proven very popular at galleries nationwide. Additionally, he plays in a band known as Mollusk; these experiences inform his art significantly.

Adam’s Paint Coating can be applied by machine or by hand using our soft foam and microfiber applicator pads, making application quick and easy. Furthermore, Adam’s Paint Coating wipes away cleaner than our other wax and sealant products do.

Importantly, this product requires proper preparation prior to application. This involves claying the vehicle to remove all contaminants as well as using our Prep solutions for optimal results.

Achievement and Honors

Adams’ figurative paintings have attracted wide acclaim and can be found displayed in galleries worldwide. Additionally, he has collaborated with famous faces from Hollywood to produce exclusive co-signed limited edition prints of his Drive-In Daze paintings that can be purchased exclusively co-signed limited edition prints of each one of Adams’ Drive-In Daze paintings.

As a paint by number artist, he has set an industry-wide benchmark in terms of quality. His works brim with light and texture to capture Northern Michigan’s beauty.

He blends textile inspirations with iconic pin up imagery and natural elements such as palm trees to produce an innovative and exciting new series, filled with color, glamour and energy.

Adam draws his inspiration from Realist/Surrealist Artist Hajime Sorayama. Sorayama’s Robot Sexy pin-up work pioneered new ground in the 1970s with its surrealism that looked more like liquid silver than paint; Adam learned his transparent technique that enabled him to achieve realism from him.

Personal Life

Adam’s Paint Coating is an exceptionally durable coating designed to protect the finish of your vehicle from harmful contaminants, while making maintenance of it between full detailing sessions easier and reducing swirl marks and scratches while making water bead as never before on its surface. It will even help make water bead like never before on your car’s surface!

His work features geometric interpretations of iconic images and pop culture references from around the globe, making a name for himself in the art world with exhibitions all around. Critics praise their unique beauty. Based in Laurel, Mississippi he practices multiple media like painting, publishing, photography, photographic collage and video.

Net Worth

Adam boasts a net worth of 20 Million dollars and uses it to live an extravagant lifestyle. He hosts a popular podcast and has collaborated with legendary Hollywood silver screen actors in producing limited edition prints of his Drive-In Daze paintings with them co-signed and exclusive co-signed edition prints produced.

Adam is self-taught and studied early iconic artists such as pinup legends Vargas & McGinnis, Master Realist Charles Bell and Hyper-Realist Hajime Sorayama. Utilizing techniques from these three artists as well as textile inspirations and natural elements like palm trees to produce images that capture glamour, style and energy of his subjects more vividly than photographs do.

This product stands apart from our Americana Paste Wax, Buttery Wax, H2O Guard & Gloss and Paint Sealant in that it requires more care and preparation for use than our other offerings. Machine polishing must be utilized to remove coating and only strip washing, Visco Clay Baring or corrective polish will work on its surfaces.

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