Adam Pearce

Adam Pearce

Adam’s Iron Remover can safely eliminate stubborn contamination and iron deposits without needing to scrub or scrape. Adam’s Iron Remover can be safely used on all painted surfaces including wheels & trim.

XTD irons are big and long irons designed to help higher handicappers gain more distance out of their game. While they might not win any beauty contests, these irons do deliver.

Professional Career

Adam Pearce is well known as Scrap Iron within the independent wrestling scene. A five-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Adam first made his debut in 1996 for Championship Wrestling From Hollywood before going on to compete for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotions as well.

He is an experienced iron worker with in-depth knowledge of machine schematics, raising and installing structural steel members as well as adhering to safety guidelines.

As seen on WWE television alongside Sonya Deville as an authoritative figure, Scrap Iron is widely respected performer with an intriguing Jekyll and Hyde dynamic with his cohorts. Additionally, he filed a trademark to use the name ‘Scrap Iron’ for merchandise purposes as well as having extensive training experience as an in-ring trainer.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Griffith was honored with SEC Special Teams Player of the Week honors after nailing five field goals in Alabama’s 29-13 Iron Bowl win against Auburn, setting a school record with his five kicks.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers the Honor Holds Us All Together achievement through successfully concluding your debate with Otar Botkoveli. This secret achievement cannot be found listed anywhere within the game and it cannot be earned simultaneously with Time Traveler which can only be earned in different playthroughs.

Former Mythbusters host Adam Savage has a new show on Discovery called Savage Builds, in which one episode features him building an authentic flying Iron Man suit using Gravity Industries. Based on Marvel’s real schematics, this titanium ensemble includes arm-mounted thrust engines.

Personal Life

After his time on Love Island, Adam pledged to complete three triathlons for Newcastle Marie Curie Hospice which cared for his late grandma. Since then he has built up an impressive career in television and film.

MythBusters Jr is the spinoff series he created in 2019 as an extension to MythBusters, featuring new mythbusting challenges with co-host Jamie Hyneman. Additionally, he designs and develops high-tech gadgets which he tests on his website Tested.

Adam lives with Tilly, age two, and Zara, her mother. However, Adam’s relationship with his father who suffers from dementia becomes tenuous when he tells him that he was adopted. Adam decides to hire a private investigator in order to track down his birth parents – only soon enough he finds himself in an extremely dangerous situation.

Net Worth

Adam Savage has amassed an enormous fortune through his career as an animator, graphic designer, filmmaker, actor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Standing 5 ft 10 in and weighing 150 lb respectively, Adam is renowned for building things just to destroy them later with Mythbusters becoming an extremely popular show that appeals to nerds as well as non-nerds alike.

Tested is his website where he designs and tests various high-tech gadgets such as headphones and Mercury space capsule cockpit replicas. He even has a ruler tattooed onto his arm with calibrations in inches and centimeters!

World-renowned swimmer, with Olympic medals to his credit. He boasts an avid following on social media and owns ISL Team Iron swimming club; also featured as an actor on Happy Endings and The Mindy Project TV shows.

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