Adam Salim

Adam Salim

Early Life and Education

At an early age he developed an avid interest in nature and birds; his father passed away when he was only one, leaving his aunt and uncle Amiruddin Tyabji responsible for raising him.

He initially worked as a clerk at Bombay Natural History Museum, which allowed him to continue his research on birds. Soon thereafter he established himself as an ornithologist and naturalist of renown.

Salim’s selection in the Major League Soccer SuperDraft marked Syracuse’s first selection since Sweet Home graduate Liam Callahan was taken in 2017; Salim made his directorial debut with Adaminte Makan Abu in 2012 starring Mammootty as its protagonist.

Professional Career

He is a London-based motion graphic designer and director who has worked on music videos and commercials as well as master planning and infrastructure design projects. Additionally, he participates in UWI Economic Clusters.

Dr. Nakamura received his Doctorate from Hiroshima University in Japan in 2019. His areas of research include neutrino physics, evolution of lepton number, baryogenesis/leptogenesis and effective field theory.

Adam Salim made his filmmaking debut with Kunjananthante Kada (2012) starring Mammootty. Based on the life story of Gulf migrants, this critically acclaimed and award-winning movie received critical acclaim and won multiple accolades. Following its success he directed Pathemari and has also directed short film Sammo as well as appearing on several TV series such as 24: Live Another Day.

Achievement and Honors

Salim was an honorary board member of the Association of Indonesian Journalists (Persatuan Warawan Indonesia or PWI). Additionally, he delivered guest lectures at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Salim and Zaenatun Nahar raised eight children: Theodora Atia (Dolly); Violet Hanifah; Jusuf Taufik; Islam Basjari; Achmad Sjewket and Abdul Hadi.

Salim was an integral figure during Indonesia’s revolutionary period and an active participant of Sarekat Islam (SI). He served as Oemar Said Tjokroaminoto’s right-hand man and advocated on its reformist side.

Salim was not arrested or exiled during Operation Kraai by the Dutch; rather he participated in Jakarta Charter negotiations as an integral member of Sukarno’s committee for creating Indonesian’s constitution.

Personal Life

He was an exceptional philanthropist; his company donated millions of dollars towards education, health and other public services in Indonesia. Additionally, he played a vital role in founding the Indonesian National Ballet and helped rebuild Jakarta after it had been devastated during anti-Dutch riots in May 1998.

Salim’s character Ahmed in The Covenant plays a powerful scene where he rescues Jake Gyllenhaal’s Sergeant John Kinley after an operation goes awry, something which reveals their strong friendship. Salim believes this scene shows their bond and helps demonstrate why The Covenant is just as much his movie as any others, made this clear in comments after filming wrapped. Interestingly, real injuries inspired this scene – Dar Salim died at 96 and is buried at Singapore’s Lim Chu Kang Cemetery.

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