Adam Saruwatari

Adam Saruwatari – A Legend in Import Drag Racing

Adam Saruwatari became legendary in import drag racing during the ’90s for his stock-chassis Mazda RX-7 powered by its rotary engine that could set top speeds on runs.

He plans on campaigning a 2002 Honda Civic Si hatchback at this year’s drag racing season; SEMA revealed it as a street version of his pro-stock car.

Professional Career

Adam Saruwatari has long been one of the leaders of import drag racing. His stock-chassis rotary engine Mazda RX-7 became an early champion during its early racing days in the late 1990s and brought professional import drag racing into prominence.

He cemented his reputation when he started racing his Acura NSX, an extremely powerful car with 1,300 horsepower that makes an impressionful statement in its class, usually dominated by Honda Civics and Subaru WRXs.

Adam currently manages his parents’ farming operation while contributing to automotive innovations through A & L Racing and Nitto Tire. Adam provides voice narration/dubbing for anime/video game characters such as Hazama/Yuki Terumi in BlazBlue; Takashima in Big Windup! ; Fei Long in Street Fighter IV ; Karamatsu/Osomatsu-san in Osomatsu-san; Alto Saotome/Tomoya Okazaki from Macross Frontier/Tomoya Okazaki in Clannad; Tomoya Okazaki as well as many more!

Personal Life

Adam Saruwatari is an innovator who stands out in many areas. His creative and inventive nature are integral in moving the automotive industry forward, including his famed FD Mazda RX-7 and Acura NSX vehicles he built himself. Additionally, Adam manages his family’s farming operation while racing cars during his spare time.

He’s become one of the icons in import tuner racing since his stock-chassis, rotary engine RX-7 heralded the professionalization of import drag racing. Meanwhile, his 1,300 horsepower-generating NSX was legendary; and this humble man just wants to make automotive history better!

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