Adam Scholl

Adam Scholl

Adam Scholl is an Addiction Medicine Physician located in Ithaca, New York. He offers evaluation and treatment tailored to individual patient needs as well as advice and consultation services to both them and their family members.

Jacob Scholl was born to Jacob and Barbara Scholl and has 6 siblings including Peter, Johann, and 5 more siblings.

Professional Career

Adam Lambert began his professional music career when he appeared on American Idol as the runner-up, becoming well-known and gaining international acclaim through For Your Entertainment album released in 2009. His songs from this release received great reception by listeners worldwide and even reached music charts!

Mr. DeMars also provided outstanding representation to work accident victims in disability pension claims and was successful in winning them compensation that they deserved. He took great pride and care in each case that came his way, believing each one deserves individual consideration and care.

He currently works at Donald W. Fohrman & Associates and is part of Auburn University’s Young Alumni Council and Communication Workgroup.

Personal Life

Adam transitioned from law enforcement into military fieldcraft instruction for an US Department of Defense contractor, training deploying military personnel in fieldcraft techniques and edged weapon use. Here he had the chance to develop his teaching abilities further and perfect practical self-defense techniques and the use of edged weapons as teaching aids.

Hans and Sophie Scholl entered Munich University Atrium with anti-Nazi leaflets piled high, hoping to rouse German middle class from its “slumber” and encourage peaceful resistance against Nazi oppression.

Adam has continued his fitness career and now owns and operates Newcastle gym Sculpt Fitness, is host of the Lift Laugh Life podcast and has brand deals with Nocco UK, BoohooMAN Active and Muscle Food. Additionally he boasts over 922K followers on Instagram where he frequently shares workout tips and shirtless selfies.

Net Worth

Adam Scholl is a well-renowned attorney specializing in work accident cases. After graduating in the top 25% of his class from University of Illinois and practicing for over 25 years, Adam has represented numerous injured police officers and firefighters to obtain disability pensions for them.

As a contractor for the United States Department of Defense, he also teaches military fieldcraft. As such, he has trained deploying military personnel on edged weapons, self-defense/combatives, firearms tactics, close quarters battle tactics and numerous other subjects.

His estimated current net worth is an estimated $4 Million. Adam’s community at Vail Ranch Middle School in Temecula, California has come together to raise money for his medical costs, soliciting donations at their campus.

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