Adam Shores

Adam Shores

Adam Shores is a commercial banker at HomeTrust Bank and works closely with businesses throughout Virginia’s Roanoke Valley region.

He possesses extensive experience working with clients in the real estate, construction, hospitality and retail/restaurant industries. He offers tax planning, structuring and negotiation; deal and financing assistance; investment analysis; forecast and projections; cash flow/common area maintenance (CAM) analyses as well as general business planning services to these sectors.

Early Life and Education

Adam Shores was born in Dedham, Massachusetts of Scottish descent; his great-grandfather Jack Shore emigrated from Scotland in 1903.

After graduating high school, he attended both Stanford University and Harvard Law School before ultimately working at Crane, Poole & Schmidt law firm as an attorney.

Adam is the name given to the first human in the Bible, created in God’s image and placed in paradise with Eve for their creation story to unfold. Their story can be found in Genesis chapters one to ten.

Professional Career

Adam Shores has over 10 years of experience working in financial services, currently as President, Virginia Market at Hometrust Bank.

He grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island and developed an early interest in business and entrepreneurship, providing odd jobs to neighbors, selling items door-to-door, and organizing parties at an early age.

When not helping businesses, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son as well as collecting high-end Swiss watches, European pro soccer, traveling the world, joining organizations such as Cranston Downtown Development Authority or Exchange Club of Grayslake; all to make his community better place to live and work in terms of strengthening teen driving laws, programs that aid small business growth or quality education.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Shores has established himself as an expert in multiple areas. For instance, he has been named one of the premier chefs in America.

He served as director of a business school, where his responsibilities included student experience, teaching enhancement and internationalisation as well as the promotion of high-quality research and enterprise. He was among the first in his country to earn Certified Management and Business Educator status.

He has long been an advocate for both environment and community causes, making Grayslake an even better place for residents and workers by lowering property taxes, improving neighborhoods and working with non-profits to benefit his district. Now as an Illinois House of Representatives candidate in District 62 he hopes to make an even greater difference for Lake County as a whole.

Personal Life

Adam Shores enjoys engaging in various hobbies and interests. These include travel, playing sports and cooking – as well as spending time with his family and friends.

Ben is proud to have one son with Kathryn G Shores; together they share one named Benny. Ben is also a veteran and currently resides in Cranston, Rhode Island.

He will run for Illinois House of Representatives District 62 against Democrat Laura Faver Dias in the upcoming election.

Net Worth

Adam Shores hails from Grayslake, Illinois and is running for state representative in District 62. For many years he has worked in public affairs and advocacy, fighting to strengthen teen driving laws, programs to aid small businesses expand, and quality K-12 education. Furthermore, Adam has served as village trustee ensuring property taxes stay low while increasing property values.

Adam Shores currently boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million. He has made millions from acting, such as playing Ronnie on “Jersey Shore”. Additionally, Adam was paid to advertise weight loss supplement Xenadrine as well as CBD products. Adam is married to Kathryn G Shores and they share three children.

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