Adam Strom

Adam Strom is a Successful Professional Hockey Player With a Net Worth of $1-5 Million

Adam Strom is a well-known professional hockey player, amassing an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million thanks to his career in professional hockey.

He serves as executive director of Re-Imagining Migration, a non-profit organization which seeks to reduce bias and hatred toward young people from diverse origins, helping rising generations gain the understanding necessary for creating welcoming and inclusive communities.

Early Life and Education

Adam Strom, Executive Director of Re-Imagining Migration and an educator dedicated to building communities of belonging both within and beyond the classroom, his work reduces bias against young people of diverse origins and helps rising generations develop critical understanding that leads to welcoming and inclusive societies.

Stern Strom was raised in Memphis, Tennessee where she experienced “colored only” water fountains and would sometimes be questioned for riding in her car with black men. Influenced by her parents’ teachings of social justice and caring for others, she eventually became a teacher in Skokie Illinois and Brookline Massachusetts.

She ultimately co-founded Facing History and Ourselves, which has helped millions of students from around the globe explore moral dilemmas while learning how to reject hatred and bigotry. Unfortunately, on March 28, she succumbed to pancreatic cancer at her home in Brookline Massachusetts.

Professional Career

Adam has long been in the real estate business and is renowned for being a master of all trades when it comes to commercial properties. A licensed real estate broker in California and member of several industry trade associations – NAIOP, ULI and CCIM among them – Adam was also one of the founders of Re-imagining Migration (a non-profit whose goal is to use education to rewrite rules for immigrant-origin students, reduce bias and hate, as well as inspire and empower future leaders). Eventually earning The San Diego Business Journal awarding him “most Influential Real-estate Professional in San Diego”, Adam has made his mark locally and rewriting rules while simultaneously inspiring and empowering future leaders!

While his professional responsibilities remain heavy, he’s found time for family time and relaxation on his kipi kahuna.

Personal Life

Adam Strom is generally private about his personal life; however, he has expressed an interest in dating several women over time and publicly declared them potential candidates.

Re-imagining Migration, a non-profit organization which works to decrease prejudice and hatred towards young people of diverse backgrounds by helping rising generations build welcoming communities, has also hired him as Director. Prior to this position, he served as head women’s basketball coach at Yakima Valley College in Washington.

At age 27, this well-known hockey player estimated net worth is between $1-5 Million. As a professional athlete he has amassed significant funds. Now living in Sweden you can read more about their net worth, salary and lifestyle here.

Net Worth

Adam Strom, director of Re-Imagining Migration (a non-profit organization), has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million, earned through his career as a professional hockey player.

He operates his own real estate firm in San Diego, California, having worked in this industry for more than two decades and developing numerous properties.

Strom enjoys traveling and dining out at various restaurants during his free time, as well as spending quality time with his family.

At 27 years old, this Swedish native had an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million. He has an eye for style and decor while enjoying fast cars and traveling. Preferring not to reveal details of previous relationships or hookups.

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