Adam Sub

Adam Sub – A True Professional

ADAM subwoofers are expertly engineered to reproduce sound in the lower frequency range with exactitude. Offering multiple control options to suit room acoustics and requirements, each subwoofer from ADAM was custom built to complement and augment their monitor counterparts in this key aspect of music reproduction.

The Sub12 powered subwoofer features both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input and output connectors, along with multiple controls designed to adapt to different room acoustics. These include level controls from -60dB to +6dB; phase switch; variable upper barrier frequency 50-150Hz and switchable 85Hz high pass filter on satellite outputs.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood years are crucial in shaping children’s social skills, self-esteem, perception of the world and moral perspective. Their brain develops rapidly during this stage and they experience tremendous physical, mental and emotional growth.

Brain function development can also be affected by experiences from birth to age 8 and their environments, including relationships between adults (such as parents or other caregivers) and their offspring, safe environments, responsive parents and caring environments that foster positive development.

Children develop essential emotional skills while also understanding their value as people, learning to express themselves and understanding the significance of meeting needs. Such experiences help prepare children for future challenges that lie ahead as they mature into adults.

Professional Career

Adam is a true professional who takes his duties seriously as founding partner of The Jacobs Scheriff Group and over 15 years of experience. As a litigator, Adam has successfully handled high profile cases related to complex business torts, contract disputes and legal matters such as those concerning banking institutions and major automakers. Furthermore, Adam supports many worthy causes, including Maccabi Games San Diego Jewish Federation Jewish Children Foundation Congregation Beth El San Diego Hillel as well as playing golf regularly and enjoying some socializing occasionally! In his free time Adam enjoys golfing while dedicating time towards family time as well as spending quality time with friends!

He and Amy recently relocated to Carlsbad where he enjoys an active outdoor life of hiking, biking and golfing.

Achievement and Honors

Adam has received many honors and awards throughout his legal career for his efforts. Super Lawyers listed him among Georgia’s Top 10 Trial Lawyers while Melvin M. Belli Society honored him with their Mel Award in recognition of his innovative legal practices, groundbreaking trial techniques and creative advocacy techniques. Furthermore, Southern Trial Lawyers Association honored Adam with their Lighthouse Award in recognition of his teaching and writing in trial and appellate advocacy.

Adam also enjoys music. He holds both a Bachelor of Music from Australia’s Queensland Conservatorium of Music and Master of Musical Science degrees from Finland’s Sibelius Academy. Additionally, Adam has traveled across South America, Great Britain and Europe honing his piano skills and pianism techniques.

Personal Life

Adam and Amy are highly passionate individuals who have dedicated themselves to many causes locally and worldwide. They are actively involved with organizations like the JCC, Jewish Family Services, San Diego Hillel, Congregation Beth El and more.

Though they both enjoy successful professional careers, Amy is of primary concern to both of them. They want her to know she can achieve anything with hard work and persistence – which is why they’ve taken part in the Maccabi Games which teach youth life lessons through sports. Furthermore, they have pledged their time by organizing community service projects throughout San Diego during each event of these renowned Games.

Net Worth

Adam Sub is an award-winning YouTuber who has amassed millions through various channels. His main channel boasts over 23 million subscribers, while other ventures such as MrBeast Gaming also see success. According to Social Blade’s estimates, his annual earnings may top $40 Million; yet his goal is also philanthropy: His long-term plan involves using this wealth to open hundreds of homeless shelters and food banks around the country. Adam Sub is also a Senior Wealth Advisor at The Colony Group.

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