Adam Tropics

Adam Tropics – Emergency Medicine Physician and Researcher

Adam Tropics is an emergency medicine physician and researcher with experience spanning numerous fields. He earned both a medical doctorate and master’s in public health from State University of New York at Stony Brook. Furthermore, he completed specialty training in global emergency medicine before developing an interest for herpetofauna ecology as well as biogeography and conservation biology.

Personal Life

Vince Shwenoha built and opened The Tropics restaurant on Route 66 in 1950, furnishing it with bamboo and other exotic elements and installing a neon palm tree sign as part of his signature style. Over time, it became an icon on Route 66 for both locals and tourists. Lewis Johnson worked at The Tropics during two separate stints – first briefly in 1951 then again from 1953- 1955 – where he met Beverly Worth, its night hostess.

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