Adam Volanth

Adam Volanth – Civil Engineer by Training

Adam Volanth is trained as a civil engineer, yet felt limited at Mobil Oil. Instead, in 1992 he joined Bohler Engineering and eventually rose through its ranks until becoming its President and CEO – his employees consistently rate him highly as a leader.

Early Life and Education

Adam Volanth hails from Great Falls, Virginia. After graduating from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering in 1991, he began work in Mobil Oil’s development division but felt that they weren’t making full use of their potential so decided to join Bohler Engineering’s satellite office outside Philadelphia in 1992 and quickly worked up to becoming regional manager and later CEO of Bohler. Since then he has resided in Pennsylvania along with his wife Karen S. Volanth and children Christine Marie and Jared Arthur Arthur Arthur

Professional Career

Adam Volanth graduated from Bucknell University and initially found work with Mobil Oil; however, after failing to feel fulfilled in this role he left for Bohler Engineering in 1992 and started as a design engineer, quickly progressing to project manager and eventually regional and managing partner at Bohler. Adam values building relationships highly while upholding strong work ethics while contributing to various charitable causes.

He currently serves as President and CEO of Bohler Engineering and sits on the boards of directors for HNTB Corporation and Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, among others. Additionally, his CEO score ranks within the top 5% for executives of comparable sized companies such as Bohler Engineering.

Achievement and Honors

Adam Volanth has distinguished himself in the Civil Engineering industry through years of leadership and innovation, earning many accolades and honors as a result of his dedication. Bohler holds him in high regard; as its president and chief executive officer. Furthermore, he serves on the Pennsylvania chapter of American Council of Engineering Companies as well as being proud father to Christine M, Jared A and Alton A Volanth – living happily with Karen Volanth near Great Falls Virginia.

Personal Life

After graduating with his bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University, Volanth began his professional life at Mobil Oil, but quickly felt discontent in that role. Instead he made the leap to join Bohler Engineering a year later as regional and managing partner before eventually becoming its CEO in 1999.

He currently resides at 75 Windy Hollow Ct Great Falls VA 22066 with his wife Christine and children Jared Arthur Volanth and Alton A. Volanth. In the past he lived in Sterling Virginia; Rochester New York; and Conshohocken Pennsylvania.

Net Worth

Adam Volanth graduated with a civil engineering degree from Bucknell University and took an initial job with Mobil Oil; however, feeling underutilized he decided to change. Instead, in 1992 he found Bohler Engineering where he quickly established himself and eventually served as president and CEO until becoming president himself in 2002. Adam lives with Christine in Great Falls Virginia along with Jared (his son) and Alton (daughter). Additionally he has his brother David whom is active in community initiatives as well.

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