Adam Willruth

Adam Willruth, 38, of Windham, Maine, Was Killed on Halloween Night

Adam Willruth was killed on Halloween evening when he was struck by a car along Route 302 in Windham, Maine. Police have not revealed whether alcohol or speed played any role in this accident.

As the department was stretched thin treating victims from both a fire and car accident with cerebral palsy, F2s bicker during their shift. Adam warned them they must work as a team; Ruth refused to join.

Early Life and Education

Ruth Croome eloped with Adam Wilky without their knowledge or consent in 1818 and lived under an assumed identity until their honeymoon was interrupted by kidnappers who kidnapped Ruth while forcing Adam into military service for four years. Now, Adam must return home and regain her trust after all these years have gone by; will Ruth forgive his lies and secrecy?

Police in Windham reported on Monday evening that 38-year-old Adam Willruth of Windham was fatally struck by a vehicle on Route 302 while riding eastbound and are currently investigating what exactly led up to this accident; no alcohol or speed appear to have played any part.

Achievement and Honors

Windham Police say 38-year-old Adam Willruth of Windham died Monday evening after being struck by a car on Route 302 at approximately 6:30 pm, closing part of Roosevelt Trail near AllTown gas station due to the collision and do not believe alcohol or speed played any part in his death.

F2s in the emergency department are bickering through their shift, trying to determine how best to treat patients who have experienced burns from a fire and cerebral palsy sufferers who require specialist neurological care.

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