Adamant Dart

Adamant Dart

Adamant darts are an effective ranged throwing weapon that are also poisoned. Adamant darts make for an economical option if you lack the funds to invest in rune darts.

These darts are low level darts and only cost 97 coins to use – making them an economical alternative to rune and dragon darts.

Early Life and Education

Dart was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1893 to a strict and religiously fundamentalist family; later at university however he found interest in science.

Once he had finished his studies, he traveled to South Africa. There, he and Dora settled in Johannesburg in 1922.

Grafton Elliot Smith was an influential neuroanatomist and physical anthropologist who had conducted extensive research on the Piltdown Man fossils.

As soon as he established the Department of Anatomy at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, Dart began publishing papers asserting that all civilizations originated from Egypt and prehistoric links between Africa, Asia, and Europe were strong. Furthermore, he took a diffusionist perspective which asserted that complex societies derived their cultural diversity from earlier cultures.

Professional Career

Utilising top of the line equipment and an ample budget, he has been an avid darts player for years. Recently he topped professional dabbler charts but still has much work ahead before taking fulltime darts seriously. Along the way he won world’s largest dartboard in his backyard and secured membership of World Darts Council; these achievements alone will keep him busy well into the foreseeable future. Not to forget his two bedroom titles!

Achievement and Honors

One of Dart’s more notable contributions to American culture was his invention of the Adamant Dart. These Ranged throwing weapons require considerable Smithing and Fletching skill when creating. Though not cheap, their high cost makes them worth your while; all it requires is time spent completing Tourist Trap quest and crafting it yourself; there’s even an unexpected reward waiting at its end!

Dart is no stranger to hardship despite his impressive medical credentials; from marriage difficulties and multiple divorces and custody battles to unwavering dedication for his cause that earned him accolades and the respect of peers alike. Aside from professional achievements, he has excelled at foster parenting, community outreach and philanthropy – among many other pursuits.

Personal Life

Raymond Arthur Dart was an Australian-born physical anthropologist renowned for his discoveries of fossil hominins that provided significant insights into human evolution. One such discovery was the 1924 discovery of Australopithecus africanus at Taung in South Africa; closely related to humans.

Dart was astounded to discover one of the specimens sent from Buxton Limeworks in Taung was an early human. In an article published in Nature, Dart used this specimen as the type specimen for Australopithecus africanus and proposed its inclusion as one of two major new genera and species he created: Australopithecus africanus and Australopithecus africanus respectively. At first his claim that features similar to human beings existed within this specimen met skepticism but later research conducted by Robert Broom firmly established it as an ancestral hominin specimen.

Net Worth

Dart is the heir to a Michigan family business which dominates the polystyrene foam market and manufactures iconic food service products like plastic Solo cups and more.

After graduating, he joined Dart Container Corporation’s engineering department and quickly advanced through to president – eventually becoming its largest manufacturer of Styrofoam cups worldwide in 1986.

He gave up his US citizenship in the mid 1990s, acquiring Caymanian, Belizean and Irish nationality instead. Now residing on Cayman, he has helped rebuild its economy after the global financial crisis.

He is also an astute investor, employing the strategy known as vulture funds to purchase government debt at heavily discounted prices – his funds helped pay off Greece’s debt during 2007-2008 financial crisis, for instance.

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