Adamant Scimitar

Adamant Scimitar Guide

Scimitars are one of the most favored melee weapon types in RuneScape due to their fast attack speed and damaging stats. Though lacking in defensive bonuses, Scimitars make for excellent power leveling weapons thanks to their rapid attack speed and relatively inexpensive price point.

Adamant scimitars are among the four strongest scimitars available to OSRS players, following rune, gilded, and dragon scimitars in terms of power and attack requirement. For proper usage they require 30 attacks.

Personal Life

Adamant is an Edwardian adventurer revived from cryogenic sleep in 1966. Georgina Jones becomes his companion as she has been inspired by his exploits during the turn of the century and helped solve crimes together during her teenage years in California in 1966. Georgina takes great care in caring for Adamant; though often making mistakes handling him.

Adamant is ultimately pursued by The Face to an abandoned mansion where he is imprisoned and frozen to an eternal death. Georgina saves him, becoming his ally; also traveling to Japan to rescue a British politician from terrorists; before making one last request before succumbing to death by freezing.

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