Adame Dentist

Adame Dentist

Dentists specialize in diagnosing, preventing and treating oral disease or conditions. They perform examinations, clean teeth and offer restorative or cosmetic solutions to enhance appearance.

Adame dentist has been practicing ever since graduating with his dental degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in 1985. Since then he has held leadership roles within both Texas AGD and Rio Grande Valley AGD chapters as a past President.

Early Life and Education

Adame dentist graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio before joining his father to open Adame Dental Clinic and offer patients the highest standard of dental care. Over seventy-five years have gone by and this clinic is staffed with associate dentists, hygienists and staff dedicated to bringing smiles back into peoples’ lives.

Diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. This national organization specializes in diagnosing, treating and managing disorders relating to sleep disturbances; with accredited facilities across the country dedicated to training its members on this emerging discipline.

Professional Career

Dentists specialize in diagnosing and treating problems related to teeth, gums, jaws, lips and other aspects of mouth health. They may work alone or as part of a practice with other dentists. Some provide general dentistry while others specialize in particular areas like pediatric or cosmetic dental care; dental employment is expected to grow 6% over the next decade.

Becoming a successful dentist requires critical thinking and judgment of an exceptional level, along with possessing a professional demeanor. For instance, when dealing with insurance companies or searching for personnel for your dental office, maintaining an even and reasonable manner is key for exercise good judgment and avoid making decisions that won’t serve your patients and practice effectively.

Achievement and Honors

Dentists are specialists who specialize in diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral-health conditions and diseases of the oral cavity and surrounding structures. Dentists may perform restorative, prosthodontic and endodontic procedures and also conduct examinations.

Dental health is vitally important, and Adame dentist is committed to offering top-quality treatment that meets their patients’ needs. They offer preventive visits every six months as well as emergency appointments when necessary.

The American College of Dentists acknowledges Fellows, non-dentists involved with dentistry or oral health, and Sections of the College for their exceptional efforts in furthering dentistry and the dental profession. Since 1940, their highest honor, the William J. Gies Award has been bestowed to individuals deemed outstanding contributors to dentistry as a profession and public welfare. Nominations for this award are submitted through the Board of Regents; any Fellow may submit names and supporting information directly to this body for consideration.

Personal Life

Dr. James Adame specializes in dental implants, crowns and cosmetic dentistry in San Bernardino, CA. His office is conveniently located near the heart of town. Additionally, his commitment to outstanding patient care ensures exceptional experience for everyone he sees.

At his clinic, Dr. Garza is known for providing innovative treatment solutions, and he’s always more than willing to answer any queries from patients. Additionally, he holds memberships in both the American Dental Association, Texas Dental Association, and Rio Grande Valley Dental Society.

He takes great pride in his achievements, and values spending time with family and friends. He and his wife have been married for over 33 years and share two children; their son currently works as an internal medicine resident and their daughter is attending dental school.

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