Addison Rae Smoking

Is Addison Rae Smoking?

YouTube star Addison Rae is under fire for a recent photo in which she was holding a cigarette. People have been criticizing the teen since the image was posted on Memorial Day. Some have defended Rae’s right to smoke, while others are saying it’s a bad look. Although it is difficult to discern which side is correct, it is safe to say that Addison Rae is gaining more popularity.

The internet was abuzz with Addison’s photos. Some felt the negative attention was too much while others felt she could use the time to improve. Some have wondered if Addison is really smoking or simply distracted by her busy schedule. This photo, along with others that surfaced on social media, may be the result of a complicated relationship between Addison and her partner, Bryce Hall. Whatever the reason for Addison’s recent indiscretion may be, it seems like the social media furor was caused by double standards.

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