Addison Rae Wap

Addison Rae Redefining WAP

Cardi B is a huge fan. You’ve probably seen Addison Rae’s WAP dance competition on TikTok. She has already earned the approval of Cardi B and posted the video to her fan page. Despite all the praise, her dad and mom joined the fun by posting their own version WAP dance. They captioned the video, “I’m coming to the top spot,”

Today, Addison Rae has over 80 million TikTok followers and more than four million subscribers to her YouTube channel. She has even ventured into the film industry, and her debut film is set to premiere this November in theaters. Despite this early success, Rae is still young and pursuing her dreams in the music industry. Her fans eagerly await the film adaptation.

Despite her relatively young age, the Lafayette native has been making serious money thanks to her viral “WAP” video. It has been viewed more than 107 million times and even her sister Kourtney Kardashian learned how to do it. She was the second most followed TikTok user after Cardi B. Addison Rae is a young actress and has already made millions of dollars through her videos.

Unlike other female YouTube stars, Addison Rae has also gotten her own share of celebrity status. Her video “Hawkeye”, which has attracted over 50 million subscribers has been viewed more than once. She has tried to avoid the drama in TikTok. Rae also dated actor Bryce Hall of Sway House. The relationship has been on and off, but for the time being, the two are on a break.

In the same vein, Addison Rae redefined the WAP message by promoting friendships over money. Compared to Cardi B’s message, Addison Rae’s WAP redefines what WAP is. She isn’t glorifying sexuality for the sake of making money. Instead, she promotes friendships and relationships. Addison Rae’s fans are responding in kind to her followers with “yes queen” and “friendships above all.”

Her mother’s support for her daughter’s “WAP” challenge has gained her the attention of Cardi B’s fan base. Social media has taken over the “WAP” dance contest, and Cardi B took to Twitter to comment. Cardi B, her daughter and a huge fan of the rapper, defended her. In a recent deleted tweet, the singer defended her friend and took the time to explain why she was upset.

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