Aircraft Jack

Aircraft Jack

Aircraft jacks are used to lift aircraft for maintenance and inspection, with different load capacities depending on their weight.

Tripod aircraft jacks feature three legs connected by a hydraulic cylinder and pump assembly, making them suitable for use only on flat ground to protect the cylinder from being damaged by pressure from below.

Early Life and Education

A jack is designed to raise aircraft with three legs (hence its name tripod) connected by hydraulic cylinder and pump assemblies, along with its hydraulic cylinder and pump assembly in the middle. Although axle lifting may also be possible, using it when used on an inclined plane could damage its cylinder assembly and possibly even lead to it rupturing completely.

Greiner tutored generations of Longmont children in aviation, helping them gain their private pilot licenses, work for Continental Airlines and go on to West Point or join the Air Force. He even flew as a barnstormer providing free airplane rides around the country!

He owned Oregon Bulb Farms, which produced high-grade Asiatic/Oriental lilies, as well as Tektronix. His entrepreneurialism saw him engage in several businesses across the Pacific Northwest.

Professional Career

Jack is an FAA-certified aircraft maintenance technician with inspection authority, having flown and maintained everything from small private planes to large body corporate jets. Additionally, he co-founded aviation staffing agency JetPro Pilots as well as being instrumental in managing several corporate flight departments.

He has also participated in many charitable initiatives, such as an American DreamFlight partnership with American Airlines that brought children with cancer or leukemia to Disney World and Universal Studios for free. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors for Children’s Hope a local Fort Wayne not-for-profit organization and invented Bogert’s Tribal Jack a multipurpose shop tool which makes annual inspections 10x faster than wing jacks while being easy to use and applicable on most aircraft with oleo strut landing gears.

Achievement and Honors

The Jack Northrop Spirit of Innovation Award recognizes his visionary engineering genius who helped to revolutionise traditional aircraft design. His innovations led to the world’s first high-speed, single-seat medium range fighter being developed, as well as other advanced military aircraft such as Lockheed Vega and even his pet project: an airborne flying-wing concept which later proved useful in current stealth aircraft designs.

Jack had both the heart of a warrior and brain of an engineer. His tireless efforts helped Army Aviation become one of the technical leaders. Thanks to him, many ground-breaking aircraft systems such as communications, survivability and cockpit systems exist today – an immense legacy and source of great inspiration in his field. He will always remain one of our industry greats!

Personal Life

In 1938, Jack married Regine LaCoste Frye who proved an invaluable ally to his aviation business and helped promote Aero Corp and later Standard Airlines, subsidiaries of Western Air Express that pioneered expansion on the West coast.

At around this time, Douglas began working on his multicellular wing design which would later lead to the Northrop Corporation and then Douglas; both companies would continue his legacy of aerospace innovation.

Jack was very involved with EAA during this period in his life and an advocate of homebuilt aircraft as well as aviation as an industry in general. He often attended EAA functions and provided interviews, acting as a true pioneer of aviation.

Net Worth

Aircraft Jack market size is expected to experience significant expansion due to an increasing number of civil aircraft and rising defense expenditures in developing nations, coupled with increasing focus on regular inspections to extend aircraft life span. Maintenance needs and inspection procedures also contribute to demand for aircraft jacks.

Aircraft jacks can be divided into three distinct categories – hydraulic, mechanical and electric. Of the three types, hydraulic jacks are predicted to experience higher demand due to their advantages such as being lighter weight with reduced space requirements and jam less thread thread. North America dominates the global aircraft jacks market; their dominance being due to presence of key players like Malabar International and Solair Group LLC in this region.

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