Aladin Jallali – Qatar’s Top Fitness Trainer

When you search for a fitness trainer, you will probably come across Aladin Jallali. He has been a popular fitness trainer in Qatar, but has also operated a barbershop and a travel business in his native Tunisia. While he is very private, there are some things you should know about him. Here are some things to know about Aladin Jalali.

Aladin Jallali was a former reality TV star. His first relationship was with Laura Jallali, who appeared on 90 Day Fiance: the Other Way. Despite their cultural differences and age gap, the couple married in the finale of the season. They separated in October 2019 and divorced the following year. Aladin Jallali was married to Maria Talebi in the interim. In the final season of the show, he appeared with another reality TV star.

Aladin Jallali has moved on to a new relationship after divorcing Laura Jallali. Their complicated relationship was not approved by their families. Aladin is happy to continue his relationship with Maria Talebi, despite the difficulties. The couple shared a photo of their new Tuscany home.

Aladin Jallali may be a successful businessman but his relationship with Laura Jallali has been anything but perfect. Laura threw accusations at each other during the 90 Day Fiance reunion. Thankfully, the pair are no longer arguing on Instagram. Laura, meanwhile has apparently moved on to a new relationship. In the meantime, fans of the 90 Day Fiance show can catch the drama on April 17 at 8pm EST on TLC and Discovery+.

Aladin Jallali has recently revealed a relationship with a mysterious woman. Although neither of them has shared a picture of their new love, the two got engaged. However, his estranged wife Laura is not happy about the relationship. She has not yet commented on the news. Despite her comments, Laura has been silent on Aladin’s new romance. It is not clear what her future holds.

It is unclear if Aladin and Maria will marry. The couple made their relationship official on Instagram in July 2020. Aladin also tagged Maria in a romantic Instagram post. The couple recently vacationed in the Cap Sidi Ali El Mekki area. The engagement was revealed when fans spotted Maria wearing an engagement ring. Aladin and Maria are currently living together in Montreal, according to reports.

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