Alan Hruby

Alan Hruby, 19, Was Arrested For a Credit Card Fraud in Europe

A 19-year-old political science major at Oklahoma University, Alan Hruby used his grandmother’s name to acquire a credit card and charged $5,000 worth of purchases. He was then arrested and returned to the U.S. Hruby was convicted of fraud and sentenced to probation. He was ordered to undergo alcohol and drug awareness counseling. He also must repay his debts.

A sham case is one in which a defendant lies to a federal court regarding his criminal history and background. The victim is not the only victim. Both victims’ families are devastated. The family and friends of Alan Hruby have been left feeling depressed and confused. It is unclear how many other victims were harmed as a result of Alan Hruby’s crimes. It appears that the crime was premeditated.

John Hruby was his father and a newspaper publisher. John Hruby, his father, had sold The Duncan Banner back in 1997. Their two children were a 17-year-old daughter and a 19-year old son. Katherine Hruby was a student at Duncan High School, while Alan was at the University of Oklahoma. Hruby was afflicted by anxiety and depression, despite the success of his parents’ business.

On Oct. 13, 2014, a housekeeper found three bodies, including the bodies of his father and his daughter. John Hruby, the husband, and his daughter were killed. In the aftermath of the crime, Alan Hruby admitted to stealing his father’s 9mm. He waited for John Hruby to arrive home to kill him. His father was also shot, despite his son’s innocence. Hruby’s black Jeep was parked in his driveway, indicating that he was waiting for his father to return.

Although Alan’s parents had a high-paying job, they had no money to support him. He lived beyond his means, wearing luxury items like Louis Vuitton shoes and a Rolex watch. He even flew in first class and tagged his social media posts with “expensive.” One of the most tragic parts of Alan’s case was that he once took his grandmother’s credit card and spent $5,000 in Europe. Two years prior, he had assaulted his mother and spent a substantial amount of money on her.

Alan Hruby pleaded guilty to three counts first degree murder despite his misery. He was sentenced to three consecutive lives without parole. Hruby’s confession revealed Hruby was secretive and impulsive. Besides a plethora of credit cards and illegal loans, he was an excessive spender and owed money to a loan shark. He still managed to kill his mother, father, and sister.

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