Alan Jackson Mullet

Alan Jackson and His Mullet

Although Alan Jackson is a multi-platinum artist, his mullet was never as thick or pronounced as Toby Keith’s. It worked well with his trucker mustache, and kept him within the realm of sensible fashion. Despite this, he was still spotted in chocolate pants and Pocahontas jacket to the 2000 CMA Awards. Jackson wore aviator sunglasses and a western shirt with sleeveless sleeves in addition to his mullet.

Jackson’s mullet was a sign of his positive outlook. Jackson is a star in himself, but his past is not the romanticized version of his country life. Jackson wore a tuxedo to the 1994 ACM Awards. This confused Dick Clark, the show producer. He has been making headlines for his infectious voice and upbeat attitude.

Many other country stars have worn the mullet, including Billy Ray Cyrus. Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, and Tim McGraw are just a few of those big-haired men who have opted for the mullet. Even Alabama’s Jeff Cook had it, and Ricky Skaggs was no stranger to the odd hairstyle. For a brief time, he also wore a cowboy cap.

The mullet was a big trend in the 90s, but today it has grown to a more mature style. The mullet was once considered blue collar and could be worn long enough to rest on the shoulders. Today’s versions are a little more elegant. Travis makes the mullet look effortless, despite it being more versatile and elegant. It is easy to stand out with a mullet like this.

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