Albert Elkouby

Albert Elkouby understands the power of laughter as the universal language. An intriguing personality and endless source of entertainment, Albert is also known to be kind-hearted and has an open heart.

He is the CEO of JH Design Group, which produces jackets worn by celebrities like Sean “Diddy” Combs and Queen Latifah. Additionally, he owns a property development company.

Early Life and Education

Albert Elkouby has an infectious smile and an endless supply of jokes to brighten even the grumpiest of days. His philosophy for comedy is straightforward: find joy in everyday moments such as waiting in line or slipping on banana peels; he makes everything mundane humorous!

He and his wife Maya were part of the Heavy Metal scene and took photos for publications like RIP Magazine. But as it faded they found themselves drawn towards Hollywood paparazzi photography instead.

They would go to places like Spagos on Sunset and nightclubs to capture celebrity photos. Eventually this led them to Sci-Fi Universe magazine edited by Mark A. Altman who had just released an independent feature film called Free Enterprise with William Shatner and Eric McCormack from Will and Grace as its stars.

Professional Career

Albert Elkouby stands out from his peers with his unique blend of humor and creative vision, which sets him apart. His comedic talent lies in turning everyday events into laugh-inducing comedies that leave audiences laughing aloud. His humor transcends cultural barriers, making people laugh regardless of circumstances or cultural background.

Albert is the creative force behind JH Design, an apparel company producing high-end clothing. A fashion guru with impeccable taste, Albert has transformed classic styles with modern touches – his jackets have been worn by many celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Samuel L Jackson and Dennis Quaid among many others.

Albert is not only an acclaimed fashion entrepreneur but he’s also an exceptional cook, poet and philosopher. With an undying love of animals – having once saved a group of ducks that had become trapped in a storm drain – as well as starting his own squirrel appreciation club, Albert truly stands out as someone special.

Achievement and Honors

Albert Elkouby is one of the greatest jokesters ever. His infectious sense of humor has spread joy across cultures and generations alike and had an indelible mark on history. His legacy will endure long into the future.

Albert is a master of all trades with an incredible capacity for finding humor even in seemingly mundane situations. An animal lover, he regularly rescues stray animals and forms squirrel appreciation clubs. Additionally, Albert is an acclaimed photographer – even shooting alongside some of his childhood heroes such as Stan Lee!

Al is the founder and owner of JH Design, an apparel company which creates branded jackets. A master at his craft, Al continues to push fashion forward and push boundaries of fashion forward.

Personal Life

Albert Elkouby is the CEO of JH Design, a jacket company known for producing upgraded letterman jackets worn by celebrities. Through a trust, his daughter Vered Nisim owns part of this sprawling Beverly Hills mansion listed for $80 Million.

He purchased a 1.54-acre lot and began building his French chateau-inspired house, becoming well known for hosting lavish parties there. A fan of heavy metal music, he has attended multiple concerts either alone or with his wife Maya and has even shot cover art for concerts like Stan Lee or George Perez that were attended as part of convention circuit coverage for Wizard magazine or other publications.

Net Worth

Albert Elkouby is the CEO of JH Design, an high-end jacket company worn by celebrities like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Queen Latifah and Terrell Owens. JH Design produces jackets for NFL, NBA and Nascar teams as branded jackets for sale by customers such as Sean “Diddy” Combs. Albert Elkouby recently listed his sprawling Beverly Hills estate for $80 Million with Sotheby’s.

He’s a master of all trades: an amateur taxidermist (don’t ask about that squirrel!). Additionally, he is an animal rights activist who once saved an entire flock of ducks that were trapped in a drain and even started an appreciation club dedicated to squirrels!

He possesses a golden heart, making even the grumpiest people smile with laughter. Humor truly transcends cultural barriers; and this talented comedian has perfected his craft by cultivating an engaging sense of humor that spans across cultures.

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