Alexandra Edenborough

How Tall is Alexandra Edenborough?

Alexandra Edenborough, a British jazz singer and ex-wife to actor Gary Oldman, is a songwriter. She was born in Somerset, England, and has been a professional musician since 1998. Her first self-titled album came out in 1998, and her single, “Tonight,” reached No. 1 in Asia. Later, she worked with many artists including Vitamin C and Lotus Group. She also performed on stage in LA as a jazz singer. Her recent collaboration with songwriter Chris Smith has brought in a wave of interest from fans.

Alexandra Edenborough’s family life, despite her celebrity status is somewhat mysterious. She has two step-brothers, Oliver Hudson and Sam Edenborough, and three brothers, Jasper Gray and Oliver Hudson. JasperGray is her sister and a fashion designer. Alex Edenborough is currently pursuing a career as a writer and artist. She’s also planning to write a book.

Edenborough is active on a variety of social media channels, including Instagram and Twitter. Her Instagram account, for instance, has more than 1700 followers and 707 posts. She follows almost 700 people on Twitter. She doesn’t have a Twitter profile and she has no Wikipedia page. Alexandra Edenborough is how tall? We’ll need to wait and see. She has been more visible in recent times.

Despite their turbulent relationship in media, Alexandra Edenborough has ended her marriage to Gary Oldman. Oldman, an actor, has been in a relationship with other women before. He married Leslie Manville, and they had a son, Alfie. Later, he married Uma Thurman in 1990, but they split after just two years. Alexandra Edenborough vowed to continue being friends with Gary Oldman and will remain friends.

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