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Amel Larrieux is an R&B and neo-soul singer, songwriter and keyboardist with roots in R&B music and the neo-soul genres. In her spare time she dedicates herself to motherhood, wifehood, and the arts community as a member.

Her mesmerizing voice transcends genres and captures hearts around the globe, earning her multiple donations to various events for AIDS prevention and cure.

Early Life and Education

Amel Larrieux is an accomplished American singer-songwriter and keyboardist. She rose to fame during the late ’90s as one of Bryce Wilson’s founding members of Groove Theory before releasing her solo debut Infinite Possibilities album in 2000.

Larrieux, which translates to “hope”, was raised in an artistic and free-spirited environment by her mother Brenda Dixon Gottschild who is a dance critic and professor; Larrieux credits Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan, Sade, Shawn Colvin and John Lennon among her major musical influences.

Amel Larrieux maintains her privacy by not discussing her relationships in public. Currently living in New York City with husband Laru and their two daughters, Amel Larrieux’s primary source of income comes from being a musician.

Professional Career

Amel Larrieux has been an accomplished singer-songwriter for more than two decades. She first came to prominence during the 1990s as one half of Groove Theory alongside Bryce Wilson; they enjoyed several hit radio singles such as ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Keep Tryin’ which achieved significant commercial success.

She then released a solo album entitled Infinite Possibilities on Epic Records and achieved her greatest solo hit to date, “Get Up”.

Amel Larrieux is an accomplished keyboardist and writer. She writes and produces her own songs, drawing inspiration from many artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Prince, Sade Rickie Lee Jones and Shawn Colvin. Amel was raised in a New York artist building in Greenwich Village which fostered her eclectic sensibilities. Currently married to manager/producer Laru Larrieux and has two daughters.

Achievement and Honors

Amel Larrieux is an esteemed musical artist, beloved by her audience with captivating performances and emotive lyrics that strike a chord in listeners worldwide. Her music blends soul, jazz and R&B for an engaging listening experience – as her angelic vocals and melodic instrumentation touch many hearts around the globe.

She first made her mark in the music industry as part of Groove Theory alongside Bryce Wilson, before later going on to release several solo albums and work on various film/TV projects.

She hails from Pisces, a water sign which represents artistic expression and intuition. With a keen understanding of rhythm and harmony, she creates soulful melodies which touch both hearts and minds alike – captivating audiences worldwide with her distinctive musical style and emotive lyrics.

Personal Life

Amel Larrieux first found success as one half of Groove Theory with Bryce Wilson during the mid-’90s. Following their split in 1999, Amel released her solo debut Infinite Possibilities on Epic Records the following year and later founded Blisslife Records alongside her husband Laru Larrieux to release more albums such as Bravebird and Morning. Larrieux counts Ella Fitzgerald, Prince, Sade Rickie Lee Jones Stevie Wonder Shawn Colvin Chaka Khan John Lennon among her musical influences while Japanese star vocalist Utada Hikaru also counts her among his influences.

Amel Larrieux lives with her family in New York City and is well-known for her distinct sound incorporating R&B, jazz, folk, hip-hop and gospel genres as well as Middle Eastern, West African and Indian ethnic styles. Additionally she has written and performed the soundtracks to numerous films such as Barbershop 3, Love Jones 2 and Down to Earth.

Net Worth

Amel Larrieux is one of the wealthiest people on Earth today due to his income coming from various sources over time. Additionally, he has received multiple awards from universities around the globe.

Amel, born and raised in New York City, epitomizes its spirit and diversity through her captivating vocals and soulful melodies which have delighted audiences worldwide.

Amel first made her mark as part of Groove Theory, an R&B and jazz band led by Bryce Wilson. Since then she has gone on to compose music for films and television programs such as The Losers, Barbershop and Beyond the Lights; her sound being an amalgamation of R&B, jazz and folk genres along with Middle Eastern and West African influences.

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