Amelie George

Amelie George

Amelie George is a legal scholar and historian specializing in the intersection of law, science, and sexuality.

She was born into a socially prominent Southern family and raised on their estate at Castle Hill in Albemarle County, Virginia.

She is the offspring of a renowned Revolutionary War figure and his wife. As an award-winning author, she earned her PhD in History from Yale University.

Early Life and Education

On July 24, 1897 in Atchison, Kansas to Amy Otis and Edwin Stanton Earhart, she was the eldest child in her family; her sister Muriel would follow two years later.

Due to her father’s career as a railroad attorney, the Earharts moved frequently during Earhart’s childhood. She attended six schools in four years and graduated from Chicago’s Hyde Park High School in 1915.

She left college early during World War I to work as a nurse’s aid. In 1920, she returned to school at Columbia University in New York City to pursue pre-medicine.

Amelia was an advocate for civil rights in her spare time. She helped organize the Selma to Montgomery March and advocated for voting rights in Alabama. Furthermore, she taught English to immigrants and factory workers alike.

Professional Career

Amelie is renowned for her creative approach to legal duties, particularly as leader of her office’s commercial real estate and leasing practice. She frequently speaks at industry and professional events, providing informative yet captivating presentations to audiences of all backgrounds. Furthermore, Amelie sits on the firm’s executive committee which she leads from her position as Chair of Goulston & Storrs’ commercial real estate and retail leasing practice group.

With over two decades of experience working in this space, she has developed an eye for finding innovative and creative solutions to complex problems. Always on the lookout for ways to enhance client outcomes and boost business growth, her talent lies in understanding client needs and connecting them with relevant third party services when necessary.

Achievements and Honors

Amelia became not only the first female pilot to fly solo, but she also set a record for distance travelled – an achievement which not everyone applauds. Nonetheless, Amelia’s feat wasn’t without controversy, however.

She was a leader in Civil Rights and spearheaded the Selma to Montgomery marches. Her work also contributed to passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Amelia’s life story is interwoven with that of her husband George Putnam, a publicist who had an immense impact on her career. The author successfully balances these two sides to provide readers with an engaging and educational read.

Personal Life

Amelie George is a socially privileged girl born into an affluent family. Her ancestors, including her grandfather William Cabell Rives – a renowned Revolutionary War figure – have an illustrious literary legacy.

She also inherited her grandmother Judith Page Walker Rives’ passion for literature. She was the author of several books and an enthusiastic supporter of women’s rights throughout her lifetime.

Her father Laurent Zilber is an acclaimed entrepreneur and film producer with a multi-million dollar net worth from his ventures.

Amelie is an accomplished model who has been in the industry since her childhood days. She has represented LA Models Agency on multiple modeling assignments and featured in multiple movies and TV shows. Through Amelie’s acting career, she has earned a substantial net worth.

Net Worth

Amelie George is an incredibly gifted child artist. She began her career at a very young age and quickly rose to prominence.

She has starred in various films and TV shows, earning her accolades for her work.

She is currently the Chief Editor of Two Minute Times, a political online magazine, and also serves as an Ambassador for UNICEF.

Her estimated net worth is believed to be $20 million.

She is a renowned dancer and social media personality. In 2019, her videos went viral, earning more than 450 million views. As part of the Black Lives Matter movement, she has spoken out against violence against women while also contributing money to charities.

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